Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You're Hot than You're Cold

Things I learned today:

1- no matter how much I want to, I do not like jiffy cake mixes (now their corn muffin mix is a different story...I guess I just really wanted to like a desert that only costs $.69 to make)
2-just because I bought a new sweater for $5 and am excited about it doesn't mean I should wear it to work on a day where its 80 degrees out
3- me and Ryan tell different versions of how we first met (he explained it to me but it still doesn't make me change my version)
4- just entering a contest doesn't mean you will win it (even if you really want to)
5- no matter how much I want to hear a song on the radio, just wanting it and changing the stations over and over will not make it start playing (keep in mind I do have an ipod)
6- i really, really want chinese food

now wedding stuff!

(i read about this couple on smitten & the image is from here)

I am sort of obsessed with this image especially since I want to do superman save the dates and superman invites.

(image via elizabeth ann designs)

I love this idea of a mini picnic lunch. I bet I could get a bunch of take out boxes for cheap at iparty. I almost bought 3 cases of mini jams the other day but couldn't justify why. This could be my why!

(image via ehow)

The wedding is going to be in a wooden lodge and I think that 2 "wedding wreaths" would be great outside. I think the initials would look better with a patterned fabric instead of the lame white though.

um I am so in love with this wedding (someone get me a gelato cart stat!)

also, this wedding...why am I such a sucker for hand-painted wooden wedding signs?!

and this might be a little too diy even for me


  1. I think we should tell both of our versions at the wedding, and let the guests put together the true story, "Rashomon"-style!

  2. Yes! I want to hear both versions!

  3. I'm calling mine "The Director's Cut".

  4. Also, Lisa, I'm questioning your judgment a lot today, since those supposedly horrible cupcakes are fricking delicious. Don't be surprised if there aren't any left when you get home.