Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm at a loss

So I have to say I am pretty sad about the fact that this blog, faye and greer, is on hiatus because it is pretty awesome.

(all images via faye and greer)

Image 1: just adorable
Image 2: I love the tablecloth and runners
Image 3: pussywillows!!!!
Image 4: I love the berries & shortcake in the basket but I am probably not going to buy enough fresh berries for individual baskets for over 100 people but cute nonetheless! Maybe on a bigger scale?
Image 5: I like the idea of a wide & thin runner. Elizabeth, you need to help me master my sewing machine. I am a sew by hand girl.

And lastly....really good links:

Ways to make $$$!

I really want these but do not know if their cost will defeat the whole diy cost saving aspect of my wedding

Two awesome cake topper ideas here and here

How great would this be to have? Not sure what for but it sure is cute!

Oh and I want everything from here! Especially this:

(image via ink and spindle)

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