Friday, May 8, 2009

Lists & Mob Dreams

so I have to catch up for my couple missed days this week and post post post. With my next pay check, I need to do a couple things:

1.) buy some neat fabric ( gingham & fun print)
2.) buy some neat patterned paper & dowels ( for flags)
3.) master how to make paper flowers ( and make some)
4.) set up a date for me & the ladies to go look at cheap dresses & eat bbq
5.) once I book the site ( and date), start looking into booking caterer & baker for cupcakes
6.) book photographer
7.) start scouring flea markets thrift stores for mason jars or milk glass vases or something like this or like any of these

I know there is a bunch more to do but thats what I have on my mind right now. According to the knot, I have over 900 things left to do. awesome!

(image via project wedding)

also, project wedding had this idea of homemade bread & jam for a baby shower but I think maybe I will do it for mother's day.

also, last night Ryan told me he dreamed about us getting married. I dreamed about fighting the mob and being trapped in a crazy maze with geishas. Almost the same thing :)


  1. I had a dream last week about your bridal shower. We were in poorly constructed tree houses made out of cast off furniture and scrap wood. All of the food and favors kept falling through the holes onto the ground. And I was rushing around trying to kick out the people that weren't invited and my feet kept falling through holes in the wood. Oh and then suddenly we were in a world filled with water and there were lots of creepy zombie children. Awesome.

  2. thats my dream wedding to a t!