Monday, May 11, 2009

Because I can't get enough gingham

so one thing I learned this weekend: tissue paper flowers are probably a no go. I made a tissue paper flower bouquet for my mom which came out pretty nice and as soon as I walked outside they blew EVERYWHERE. Not something I feel like chasing after on my wedding day. I'm thinking more like sunflowers, succulents and the aforementioned crespedia instead. Am I crazy to think I can make bouquets/centerpieces myself?? The more I think about it, the more I think it was crazier to handmake blooms on top of making the bouquets. I am really loving the thought of using vintage milk bottles or mason jars with these simple blooms inside. Though I am not above just buying jars at IKEA and pretending I scored them at a flea market for street cred.

So before I walked into work this morning, I budgeted my next couple pay periods and this week, I will have some money left for fun wedding stuff! So I jotted down some new ideas in my little notebook. For example, I think I will try to make my own stamp with our names & the date and maybe buy some disposable bibs (because it is bbq and I can put that with the place settings as a funny take it or leave it gift). I got the idea from this wedding:

(image from momentsbymorgan)

I'm sorry but how awesome is that???

(image via simple song)

I'm really loving this fun, casual picknicky vibe. I'm also thinking maybe navy or black sundresses for my ladies (especially if I am making yellow corsages). It is very annoying however that when I search for these dresses online, I find an amazing one then I'll realize its Zac Posen and $500. Not that a $500 dress and bib wouldn't look hot together.

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  1. black dresses should be fairly easy to find. I hope.