Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oh I've Been Up to Stuff!

This post is picture heavy so not too much ranting :)

So yesterday I went to AC Moore because I had a coupon and picked up a couple fun things. I bought some craft flowers, silk leaves, ribbon, paper doilies, tuille and I think a couple other things. Then I invested in a big clear rubbermaid tub and moved all my wedding craft pieces into it. So just to show I am actually working on things I posted a couple images of things I have been experimenting with/trying out:

(image from here )

(image from here)

Here are my demo save-the-dates and invites. For the save-the-dates I obviously need to fix the extra line ( and spell invite correctly). For the invites, I need to find pictures of me and Ryan and I'm going to draw our faces into Superman and Louis'. I think I will make it an open card with more info inside and directions.

Here is just some great fabric I bought at JoAnn's. I am going to make it into a ring pillow and I'm not sure what else. But just in case I needed alot, I bought all their fat quarters.

I was just playing around with yellow felt and buttons and some of the fake greenery I bought. I want to make some hair pins for my bridesmaids. I have some bobbypins and mini combs ( I know there is a name for them other than "mini comb" but i'm not sure what it is).

I bought some dowels yesterday too. I was just playing around with different types of flags and light yellow paper. Should I use fabric instead or is paper fine?

These are just some cone ideas for the candy. I was also thinking of making round stickers that say something along the lines of 'fill me with candy!'.

I think these are what I am most proud of so far. These are little boutonneires/corsage ideas I was playing around with. I think they are really sweet though. I am on the look out for an action figure though since I am obsessed with these boutonneires (I really love the Captain America one)


  1. Your save-the-dates are going to be so cool!!! I looooove the Superman idea!!