Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Inspirations, Part 2

Perhaps I have too much time on my hands today? Regardless here are some more images shaping my ideal wedding:

(first image via once wed, second image via party perfect)

Beyond just for wedding ideas, I simply adore containers. Lucky for me, I have tons of stuff (and I am a ridiculous pack rat) so containers are needed. But those containers seem to lead to me getting more stuff and so the cycle is endless. All that aside, I love the idea of the wagon. I also need to investigate where to get cheap rustic-y woven/wooden baskets. I like the sunflowers as a way to decorate outside the hall (need to check if I can even do that) and not be too extreme or time consuming

(both images via brooklyn bride)

The invites and shoes make me melt. 'Nuff said.

(first image via design sponge; second image via once wed)

There was another stationary image but I can't find it now.Wouldn't this be a cute gift idea since I am having the wedding at a camp? I just love the little yellow hearts in the Not Wedding ad. The whole design I really enjoy.

(image via iheverything, second image via the perfect palette)

Sigh. Gorgeous!


  1. Please send me all three pair of shoes. I take a size 6.5. Great, thanks!

  2. I'm serious. I don't thin I can live much longer without those blue bowed ones. They are actually affecting my breathing.