Thursday, May 14, 2009

Howdy, indeed

(image via snippet & ink)

First off, how much do I love today's inspiration board on Snippet & Ink? I love every part of it and could not have created a better one! Well, except I might not having used a sign that said howdy but only because it wouldn't have crossed my mind...

So this is, among other things, an attempt to think of food to other as apps that are filling and not just visibly pleasing centerpiece material. So here's what I'm thinking: cute little baskets filled with assorted breads, jams, honey, cheese, fresh fruits & veggies. hows that? still picnic-ky but more filling? and in going with fun design ideas, I can put the assorted food in baskets with linens & cutlery & cover the jams with fabric tops! or serve the bread on little animal shaped wooden cutting boards! wee!

(image via parisbreakfasts.blogspot)

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Also, let me just say I love my boyfriend...errr fiance. I still finding using that word weird. But I came home from a so-so day and found card addressed to me about how much he loves me. how sweet! Continuing the wedding rants, my thoughts are straying from wedding food to wedding table decor. I have this problem with the idea of using a florist. I know it is money related (as in it is costly to buy these beautiful flowers that will not even last very long!) but I also liked the idea of doing things myself & having things done in advance. That my friends is why I am liking the idea of dried flowers, herbs, and succulents. Oh and fruits. I would love to use lemons, kumquats, etc.

And if all else fails, people can eat my centerpieces.


  1. Your boyfriend sounds like a putz.

  2. I love the idea of lemons and kumquats. Though I can never find kumquats at the store. They are so elusive. Also, the above comment made me spit up my tea.