Thursday, May 7, 2009

word to your mother

okay so I am obsessed with this wedding from style me pretty. are you kidding me? One of my favorite parts is that they used yellow yarn pom poms instead of confetti but I totally wouldn't want to clean it up regardless so I am sticking with the flag idea. I love their candy bar as well but I think I will only use yellow & white, no silver. But my favorite part is these little guys:

( image via skyline flowers)

they are called crespedia ( not "yellow crespedia balls" as i attempted to google earlier). I wonder if I could get a similiar affect with little yarn poms poms?

So I am now off to attempt to make some paper flowers for a bouquet for mother's day? I think I will try to make some calla lillies, roses and tulips and maybe throw some randomn greenery in there. Then I will maybe make some of these for the mom(s).I will post images once they happen ( and if they are good).

stay tuned!


  1. I think they are also called "billy buttons".

  2. I love them! I like your name for them better too