Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Friday!

(image via brooklyn bride)

cute dress & shoes? check
adorable groom? check
giant red penguin? check

I just had a brownie for breakfast! (it seemed like a good idea but now not so much)

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Allow me to get on my soapbox...

(image via c is for charmed)

So with all the wedding stimuli out there, I think sometimes its good to sit down and reevaluate what you really want out of this whole day. I'm sure you're thinking I'm talking on a deeper level and maybe I should be but I am talking more about what I am seriously willing to undertake. My goal is for a very affordable wedding (between $5k-$6k) with lots of handmade things, both for cost reasons and because that will make the wedding about us.

So far I have spent under $500 on a dress, still waiting for a price from the caterer (very small $$ we're thinking judging by their catering menu), probably $100 here or there on supplies ( not from the wedding account so I sorta don't count this seeing as these are my "experiments"), still waiting for price from photog ( probably our most expensive part but i feel totally worth it especially to use the girl we want), venue ( very affordable cheaper than having it at someone's house, counting rents tents, etc)....

As for crafts....

Things I am 99.9% sure I want & am willing to undertake:
tablerunners/cloths, placemats (basically table & place settings)
pom pom hanging decorations
invites/save the dates
bridesmaids/groomspeople's accessories
my veil
diy photobooth

Things I want to assemble:
candy buffet
guest "tree" (tree with little notecards to hang instead of a guest book)

Things I want to assemble but need to make sure its doable:

There are tons of things I bookmark but in reality will probably never get a chance to do. I don't really want my wedding to look like a party exploded.

Regardless, my wedding is still a year away. Any tips from anyone further along (especially someone budget friendly or someone taking the diy route) are always appreciated!!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Still Want Cake

so maybe i'm trying to make up for not posting for a few days by doubly posting... but is that so bad??

have you guys seen this site? full of so many gorgeous images. it got me very inspired! Here are some of my favorite images (coincidentally all from the same baby shower....why is it that my favorite decor is often from a baby shower or a backyard party? are people having awesome parties or is it me?):

also where do i get yellow marshmallows? speaking of I am kind of obsessed with getting my hands on some of these for my candy buffet:

(image via

I don't even know if they're good or not. All I know is I better like them because they are only sold in multi-color packs so I will stuffing my face with non-yellow marshmallows.

I Wish I Was Eating Cake

Can we discuss how I was watching 'say yes to the dress' (i don't care if its embarrassing) and the bride just said 'we're on a bit of a budget so i can only spend $3000'.

oh honey, that is not a budget.

(plates by thomas paul via design sponge)
what wonderful plates!

(eggpress paper via oh so beautiful paper)
I wish they made fabric in these prints...

(images via the great wedding on snippet and ink today)

Eep! What a fabulous dress! The ring photo makes me smile.

Nothing new to report on the wedding front other than a more concrete with the caterer is in the works for the end of the month

Sunday, July 26, 2009

3 Things I Love

1. Utterly Engaged e-zine (every page is fantastic!)

2. Sunday Suppers (especially this wonderful table setting! I love it! simple and gorg and do-able)

3. This dress from Urban Outfitters. I'm a sucker for lace details (possible bridesmaid dress?)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Friday!

(image via erin ever after)

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Got My Orange Crush

(image via snippet and ink)

how much does this image just make you want to sigh and smile because its summer? I love it.

Current Goals:
make more flowers/decide if I like them or not
invest in jars at IKEA?
make some boutonnieres

it's almost Friday!!!

**also check out this great desert table at project wedding

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Pleasure and Privilege is Mine

I've got nothing really new to report folks. My boss liked her flowers. Perhaps I will try my hand at making ranunculous before I write off crepe paper flowers completely.

So heres some pics, kids:

(image via Darling Dexter)
This is how I could use my bird fabric! I love those napkins too.

(image via oh deer)
love her shoes & they're from tj maxx!

(images via style me pretty)
I am lucky to collect so many images of such gorgeous yellow weddings! Love the centerpieces, candy, etc.

(image via this charming blog)
Not a candy buffet but it sure looks like a great example of one! And I know I recognize those jars from IKEA. And I'm going there this week! I also took some vases from my work. Our office is moving and they are getting rid of things and were going to trash them!

Also go here:
Love her dress & shoes!

Map ideas

DIY veil

Sweet short (and affordable) dresses!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hot Stuff Coming Through!

So I did manage to do a lot from my to-do list this weekend but not all. My new goal is to buy a shredder to shred some of the junk mail I have lying around. I also made these for my boss:

They are crepe paper black eyed susans. I actually have real black eyed susans outside and I have to say they do look pretty similar. I am now leaning more towards buying flowers from some of those wholesale sites however. The only thing that makes me nervous is fresh flowers prices and their shelf life. How early in advance can I order them? When will I have time to assemble them?

Ialso made a trip to Jo-Ann's using a gift card I got for my birthday and bought the following (along with some paper and 2 different kinds of tulle):

I really love the bird and lemon fabric. I only bought half yards of these becuase I wanted to play around making fabric banners before I invest in several yards of the decided fabric. I also bought 2 kinds of the gingham to try to see which one I prefer:

I also looked at the linens and burlap as maybe tablecloth materials for a good base and something fun for the runner. I have to go back to the site and see what kind of tables they have. If they are fine looking I might just do runners, no tablecloths.

And lastly my most important purchase of the day ( and totally worth the $4 i spent on it)

This fabric is from Alexander Henry and is called 'The Wranglers'. My friend has a square of a very similar fabric but these men are camping instead. Now what to make with it....The women are Jo-Ann's fabric were so thrilled I bought this. They were talking about how excited they were when it came in. They suggested a pillowcase for 'sweet dreams'

any other suggestions??

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sales are My Best Friend

It is a dangerous dangerous thing to find out beautiful pieces of clothing and shoes are on sale.



Both of the shoes are from DSW.




All dresses are from JCrew. The shoes I also like are now down to $100. What are the chances they will go any lower? I can wait them out but do not know if they would lower the price anymore.

So far on my weekend checklist I have accomplished:
recycling cans!

still have to:
recycle paper
make key copies
feed/visit dad's cat
feed/visit r's moms cats
clean/organize kitchen/living room
going to joanne fabrics & hopefully buying fabric ( for fabric banners, table runners)
making/buying gift for my boss*
actually make wedding crafts?

*is it bad if i make my boss a crepe paper bouquet? i figure she would like it (she is fun and artsy) and not only would i think she would like but i would also get a chance to perfect my flower making art and see if that works

otherwise, i am sorta at a loss for what to get her...

now I'm off to hopefully accomplish something!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Friday!

(image via peonies & polaroids)

I'm sorry but this picture is too cute! A goat at your wedding? Atleast the horse will have someone to hang with.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday? Alright!

(image via once wed)

Once Wed has an amazing tablescape (haha I sound like Sandra Lee!) with all kind of beautiful yellows and milkglass. I have decided if I do use any real flowers I think I will only buy up to 3 kinds that way keeping costs low and making assembly much easier. Probably being:

Ranunculous + billy buttons + daisies

(image from here)

Also ever since trying on my dress I have been exposed to something totally foreign to me: corsets. Wow! They are pretty great! I went to the recommended store's website and love that their products have names like "high silky seamless panty high girdle" which I'm sure is a product but it sounds like something I would call it as a joke. I kinda like the ones that just look like bathing suits and feel if I invest in something that is the way to go.

Sorry for lack of real updates. Once I get started on my flower making, I will post those!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mo' Lists

(more yellow weddings via style me pretty)

Alright friends this is going to be short and sweet since have to leave for work in a few minutes.

Things I have/want to do this week/weekend:

*do laundry
*replant cat grass ( they ate it all and whats left is turning brown)
*try making crepe paper flowers see how that works (I would have posted pictures of my clay flowers but my cats smashed them)
*hang out with some friends I haven't seen in a while

Wedding stuff I have started searching for in earnest:

*yellow candy/apothecary jars
*crepe paper rolls (the ones that are the size of wrapping paper not party streamers)
*dollhouse accessories ( any help here would be much obliged)

Any suggestions are always helpful!!

I also made plans with my cousins to go eat prospective wedding cupcakes!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Drumroll Please...

(image via IDIY)


Yay! I am not going to post it here because Ryan is curious and will see it. I am old fashioned (that way at least) and want him to be surprised. I am very excited about how it looks. It combines many of the characteristics I was looking for (including a low price tag!). Next step on my list? Cupcakes!!!!

Also, I tried making clay flowers the other day. Not such a good idea but fun! I also bought some crepe paper and will try my hand at that.

YAY! I'm excited!!!!!

** also please go here, it is ridiculously cute

Saturday, July 11, 2009

This may be a mistake....

So if you've ever read my blog before you are familiar with the ongoing battle between me using flowers ( for example my love affair with billy buttons) or making them myself (ala Martha's crepe paper or clay flowers). So I did some exploring on wholesale flowers (why you ask? to drive myself crazy? you bet!) and look at all the cool stuff I found! I think if I was to assemble my own bouquets/centerpieces I would look for sunflowers, daisies, billy buttons, ranunculous, fresh herbs, etc etc etc or anything pretty that matches my color scheme and makes me squeal with delight such as:

rosemary found here

daisy poms found here

mint by the bunch found here

and my fav found here. I then did more research and found them here for hundreds less!

I also found lemon leaves sold by the bunch. How crazy awesome would those be?? Needless to say, American Floral Distributors is making me think twice about making my own. The only thing I didn't like was that their website had a woman walk across my screen and start talking to me. I do not like websites with that kind of nonsense! Clearly I am being irrational and picky.

also i don't know the real difference between regular roses and spray roses only that I like spray roses better. And this place has wholesale succulents which is also awesome. They also have most of the other flowers I am looking for including ranunculous (i'm sure I totally spelled that wrong) and how about this guy:

found here

Its flippin gorgeous kale! How pretty!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Friday!

(image via Brooklyn Bride)

Have a great weekend! Cross your fingers for nice weather!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Picky?! Not me

So after I planned another dress appointment I tried to narrow down all the things I really like. I haven't found a dress that incorporates all of the characteristics (especially on in my price range) but hees hoping to finding something! I like:

*lace (most kinds, especially in details above the waist and high necklines or cap sleeves and I also like small trains with it. It was the only dress I liked I that I tried on before but I did not like like it)

* tea length (preferably, there is also something called a high low cut where it is higher in the front and sweeps down on the back. so I may look into that as a compromise)

*I also love this ( I like the cut too, not sure how I would look in it since I am crazy short):

(image via weddingdressesforsaleonline)

I'm sort of obsessed with this "keyhole"design in the backs of dresses. The questions is what do I wear underneath???? I may be trying one on on Monday so I'll let you know how that goes.

(image via the knot)

all I'm saying is that the bride that can rock this for her wedding is awesome....

and on a side note:

(image via ritzy bee)

I love how they did the garland on the table here! I was looking into using a solid yellow, maybe polka dots and this. Fun!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Let's never spend another day apart

So my friends, sorry I have not been writing. I have no real excuses for it either. So here are my new updates:

1. I really want to either make a stamp or order one. I want a monogram and/or our names (I spent way too much time on the other day) which one do you like best?

I also want to make a return address one. I will use those for the invites/ save-the-dates and the other stamps for anything I can get my mitts on.

2. I really want a screenprinting kit

3. I made another dress appointment. Wish me luck!

I also bought one of these:

(image via Michaels)

Being the crazy person I am I have been dreaming about this paper punch. Dreaming about a lace patterned paper punch you say? Yes it is true because I second guess all purchases I make and couldn't decide if it was worth $15. I decided it was for the sheer amount of time I had spent thinking about it. Think of all the fun stuff I can detail with it! The invites! The save-the-dates! The signs for the candy buffet!

(image via elizabeth dye)

This is my other dream... How wonderful are her dresses!

(image via the knot)

I kinda love this hair. Nice and soft looking. Your thoughts?

also, doesn't she kinda look like Maya Rudolph?