Wednesday, June 30, 2010

mo lists, mo problems

1- disposable cameras? purchased! thanks mom! (quick question: Am I crazy to cover their little cardboard outfits they come in with this nice patterned paper I bought? Should I just leave them be?)

2- 4 packs of crayons for activity sheets? purchased and on their way!

3- activity sheets? completed!

4- additional signs made? hey, I'm workin on it!

(sign for table with s'mores favors...thats hot stuff, by the way in case you were wondering the name of the comic character)

(sign for postcard "guestbook" table....image is a hella old green lantern)

5- eye appointment? made, follow up scheduled and freaky contacts being worn! there is something so strange about wearing contacts since I haven't in about 5 years. I spent yesterday adjusting my glasses (you know? pushing them up on my nose?) and there were no glasses there. I also feel like 'oh thats what I look like???' when I can see my face without glasses. In glasses news however, totally getting some new ones which I am beyond jazzed about (2 for $99, I am all over that shizit!)

thats all I got folks! we're inching ever closer to the elusive friday and my birthday is this weekend!

p.s. To those of you emailing me (you know who you are!): You are super rad and have made my week!

Monday, June 28, 2010

for the kiddies!

With the above image as my inspiration, I am making a coloring sheet for the kids at the wedding and tucking a small package of crayons in the pocket (side note: anyone know where I can get 4 packs of crayons???). The sheets will probably be 11 x 17 double sided with a total of four images. Below are the images I'm using (they are all from the amazing kid's comic 'Tiny Titans'):

Whats that say at the bottom you say? You want a close up you say?

Aw yeah.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

weekend roundup

1. picked radishes & eggplant from my garden (ate the radishes chopped in a salad, in the process managing to cut off one of my fingertips with my mandoline slicer (this was promptly followed by my sis doing the same thing); holding onto eggplant to hopefully make this)
2. watched (and wept during) Toy Story 3 ( it was great! go see it now!)
3. made more terrariums
4. attended a bachlorette, complete with beads and phallic whistles...unofficially invited people to my "bachlorette" aka mexican food/diy margarita/pinata party
5. shopped my brains out (the usual suspects: dollar tree, michaels,target, etc)
6. brainstormed wedding crafts (kid's coloring sheets & pinwheel garlands....will post pictures when I have them...)

more (actual) updates soon! promise!

how was your weekend?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

fluffy post aka what is the deal with rompers

sorry guys. I have nothing deep and meaningful for you...but I do have lots of pictures of stuff I want to buy!

I am loving the new adorable one piece swimsuits that all stores seem to have now! But since I am not a millionaire I can't buy the majority one ones I have been drooling over (really anthro? $200 for something that makes me feel self conscious? you should pay me $200 to wear it!). Also someone needs to explain to me why bikinis, etc cost more than 1 pieces??? aren't they less fabric?

(suit via target)

Also, anyone else running into the problem that you see a cute sundress, you try it on and its a romper? I apologize to anyone who reads my facebook status because I already complained about rompers on that forum too. But seriously! My sis looks hella cute in them but I look like a baby with a full diaper in them. Maybe I'm wearing them wrong?

Things I hope to buy soon (perhaps with some birthday cash?):
- little suitcases for our honeymoon
- swimsuit
- shoes for all the weddings I am attending
- belts for all the billowing dresses I have purchased recently
- meyer lemon tree (for fun! no idea how long it will survive in New England weather, but why would Lowes be selling them otherwise?)

what are you guys in the midst of shopping for? or making lists 'to buy'?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the little things

You know those days where work is kind of annoying and last minute wedding things are getting to you? Days where you eat too much and feel kinda bad about it? I had one of those days today.

You know what made it all better?

Two words:
baby! goats!

(in total there were 4 of them, 3 babies with very soft coats and 1 mother. Did I mention their tricked out pen? They have a skateboard ramp and slide in there!)

Monday, June 21, 2010

check check check

honeymoon? booked!*

marriage license? researched!*

last couple stray invites ready to go? almost! (anyone else going through this right now too??)

earrings? purchased & specially made for me!

(I really wanted studs and these are so perfect! Anyone looking for some great unique earrings check out this shop)

great future husband? check!

and finally some numbers:
55 days left
25 things to do (according to the knot)
36 things to do (according to project wedding)
some number in the middle (according to me)

* courtesy of Ry

Sunday, June 20, 2010

wearing the same dress twice and drinking wine alone aka my weekend

So how was your weekend all? I should start off by saying, rather reminding you, that I am kinda crazy. So basically I have been obsessing about the plethora of wedding events I have this summer (have I mentioned my sister-in-laws and my fiancee's cousin and our photographer and our officiant are all getting married this summer?). Me and Ry looked at the calendar and we officially have some event every weekend until our wedding. Eek! So they are many wedding events in the works. Needless to say, I have been freaking out about what to wear to these events. I have been picking up basically every dress on clearance I see that even looks slightly good on me (this is getting pricey people. Well this is coming from someone who is like "30 dollars for a dress!? OUTRAGEOUS! So clearly take it with a grain of salt...or an entire saltlick). Then when I go to the events I feel like everyone can tell I am wearing a $15 dress from target's junior section and earrings from charlotte russe. Also, I felt like a schlub wearing the same dress I wore to my shower to my sister in law's shower. I know on one level, no one will care or probably even notice but I totally freak out about it. So I wore the same outfit and of course no one noticed or atleast no one said anything. I did panic and buy a dress for the father's day cook out we threw (Target again). Again feeling nervous. Anyone else ever feel this way???

P.S. Also, I made huge pitcher of sangria which no one drank but me. I wish you guys lived closer and I would invite you all over for some! Anyone reading this who lives nearby: open invite to drink with me and help with last minute wedding necessities!

P.P.S. She's back! Yipee!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

anyone else feel like they're getting ready for the prom?

So I went over my mum's tonight and my sister did my hair and make up trial. Something about the whole experience felt very prom-y to me (probably because I don't feel grown up enough to be getting married?). I half expected to throw a tiara on and jump in my friend's minivan with my high school date.

(don't be hatin' on my stylish work outfit, you know you love my sweater vest...also, not sure if you can see but she did a french braid across the top of my head and half way around my head too which I loved)

(close up with my hair piece)

I would just like to mention how much I completely adore my sister and how totally psyched I am that she is doing my hair and makeup. She did a fabulous job and we talked and gossiped and drank Marylou's coffee and ate sesame chicken (aka candy chicken) while my mom snapped pictures.

These are the moments that get me soooooo jazzed for the wedding day.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hi my name is Lisa and even though I may not be blogworthy, I'm okay with it!

Hi everyone, my name is Lisa
(Hi Lisa!)
Its been several months since my last visit to OnceWed

(from here)

Anyone else feeling this way? I....just...can'! When I first started planning our wedding, it was a whole different ballgame. Different everything pretty much from dress ideas to table ideas to favors and beyond. And you know what made me drool above all else? Hopefully being featured on (fill in the blank with any number of sites)'s blog. Then eventually those sites wore thin, then I decided 'Well if I'm featured on Once Wed, I will pretty much die...of excitement!' I still have not taken it off my blog reader (in case of what? In case I need to drive myself crazy with another vintage DIY inspired rustic chic magical woodland mason jar centerpiece bonanza? mind you I like every aspect of that, which is why I cannot click on those links). Indie bride sites can be killers too. Like things are "too mainstream" blah blah blah. I feel like I'm back in art school listening to No Doubt while my roommates glares at me and listens to the Faint (no judgments if you like them. my permanent memory of them is and will always be my freshman year roommate)

Now all I read are amazing girls' blogs like hers or hers or hers or hers ( I can't even count all the amazing ladies blogs I visit...yes I spend a lot of time online)

And I couldn't be happier!

Now lets all go and (finish) plan(ing) our super cool rockin tipsy (or drunken) wonderfully decorated quirky unique cheesy goth hipster vintage rustic trendy modern lovey dovey day. I heard it goes by really fast. Lets have a good one and the only thought we're allowed to have when we look in the mirror is "Damn! I look amazing"*

*If anyone disagrees or voices a different opinion, I give you full permission to kick them in their naughty bits

Monday, June 14, 2010

people watching

So the other night we went to Friendly's. I know, not exactly eating good. But I wanted it and I ate it and now its over and now I don't. At least I didn't order this:

(image via serious eats)

Cause sometimes I'm hungry and I'm eating a sandwich but secretly wishing I was eating 3 sandwiches. Friendly's has lost its freakin mind.

Soooooo.... we walk in and I see their basket of kid's menus folded to hold crayons. Immediately, I think ''what a great idea! thats what I could do for the kids at the wedding!'' and as much as I wanted to take one to figure out how they folded it, I didn't because all I could picture was a poor little kid not getting to color because some crazy bride stole his crayons and paper. Anyone know what I'm talking about??? (this is so besides the point of this entry)

Aaaaanyways.... We sat beside these two people who I thought might be on a date. Even though we didn't say anything to each other, I know Ry well enough to know he was listening to them too. The girl was in grad school, I got that much. At one point I heard the guy ask her about her dissertation and she in return asked him if he knew what 'jimmies' were. I also heard him ask if 'they could take it to the next level', but I think he may have been joking about something*. I was fascinated and trying to figure out if they were in the early stages of dating (the guy was so mopey, I couldn't figure out his deal! He should have just ordered some kind of sundae with a candy face and he would have felt much better!). The two of us and Friendlys go way back. Both Ryan and I worked at a Friendly's when we were younger (the same one coincidentally, just at different times) and many of our pre-dating dates took place there. When we were driving home and discussing the Friendly's couple, Ry asked me "Do you think people watch us when we go out? And then talk about us on their car ride home?" I started to think. Perhaps when we first went together, another couple watched us and saw me trying to act cool and talk about hip bands I liked but didn't anymore because they "sold out" (I know, I'm cringing too) and perhaps they overheard Ryan's defending said band/artist, talking about maybe how they have to pay the bills and get braces for their kids. Maybe someone saw us sitting across from one another in a booth, picking at french fries and heard me talking about how I hoped he would still hang out with me even after I returned from my trip 300 lbs heavier (I was visiting my grandma and she manages to work crisco into everything she makes). They would have seen me trying to be too cool for school in my turquoise Gap raincoat (which is waaaay too small for me now). Then I think of us now. I don't think we act particularly strange when we go out. I think we always have a good time, always laughing and giggling, telling lots of stories. I'd like to think people probably look at us and see a couple in love. Two people full of smiles and ice cream sundaes who still enjoy each others company and want nothing more than to spend a Sunday night together eating faux dinner food and talking superheroes.

*On a side note: While this was amusing my favorite Friendly's story is still the group of teenage girls we sat beside once and overheard saying 'My grandma made me lunch today. She had no bread so she made me and peanut butter and fluff sandwich in a taco shell', followed by the time (when I worked there in high school) I witnessed a drunk guy in rainbow suspenders standing at the entrance, greeting people and seating them....or the time I accidentally filled the peanut butter sauce containers with horseradish sauce

((Also, did I mention Ry is on fire? He is checkin items of our to-do list like crazy! I love it!))

Saturday, June 12, 2010

kind of sick of shopping, doing things

Couple things:

First, I had a dream last night that my best friend through me another bridal shower but this time a million people came and it involved relay races. Oh, and Aziz Ansari was there!

Also, did some more shopping for the bridesladies gifts. Did some more shopping for out of town gift bags. Did some more shopping for bathroom baskets ( I am going to put baskets in the bathrooms with stuff like sunscreen, bobby pins, bug spray, mints, gum, etc). Now I just need to go to the dollartree and buy a ridiculous amount of baskets (I am not shelling out $$ for baskets that no one will notice or care about!). I also need to make a couple more signs like one for the guestbook table, one to welcome guests, one for favors. Also I tried to make a list today of what needs to be done the morning of so I can figure out who to "assign" the decor to:

1- garlands- hung on walls, possibly on banisters (depending how much I make). The tables are also pretty small so instead of putting the paper pinwheels on the tables, I think I might make a garland with them too (need to string together!)
2- tissue paper poms- hung from ceiling posts (need to make)
3- tables- table numbers (made!), centerpieces, baskets of snack appetizers (need to buy), stamped bibs (made!)
4- flags (put the "hooray" flags to wave at the ceremony in little holders beside the benches, which reminds me I need to buy holders)
5- guest book table- sign (need to make), postcards, pencils (both bought!)
6- diy photobooth- hang fabric (bought!), put out camera and timer (need to get timer), sign (need to make!)
6- favor table- sign (need to make!), favors (might still be tweaking)
7- bathroom baskets- (need to finish!)
8- kids baskets? (buckets, artsy stuff like sketchbook/roll, crayons,etc)

I'm sure there's other things but I can't think of any right now! Also, Ryan handled the bartender part of things so one more thing done. Woo!

How are you guys holding up? Hows your weekend going?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

in defense of davids (and more!)

I wrote a little about this already in the comments section of A Los Angeles Love the other day. But I really had an awesome experience at David's Bridal. When I first went to try on a dress, I went to a little boutique down the Cape (Cape Cod for any non-Mass residents reading this). It was having a sale where all dresses were $400. Except that they weren't. That only included sample sales and even then not really. The one guy (who I believe owned the shop) kept trying to convince me I wanted different styles then I did and it was so awkward and I felt bad leaving not buying anything even though I didn't like anything, nothing fit me super well and everything was way out of my price range. Then I went to Davids and found an amazing dress (super affordable, style was just what I wanted). The women there made me feel awesome and beautiful and I could not have been happier. This morning I went for a fitting and everyone was wonderful. I got there at 10 and they did not open until 11. Someone had accidentally scheduled me for an hour earlier than they opened. They still saw me and said I was beautiful and made sure I was fully aware of the charges of the fitting. Again, awesome. I understand that not every store has amazing employees (doesn't that go for any store?) just like I understand that there are certainly boutiques that are probably amazing too! All I'm saying is I'm not a size 2 and I'm not flawless by any means, but the David's store I went to made me feel that way.

In other news: went to the venue today with my aunt aka my other mom aka my florist had her little planner with her and we did some floral figuring out. They also had tables set up so I got a better sense of how it will look the day of. Needless to say,!!!!

and finally a list:
- finish buying/making out of town gift bags
- finish buying gifts for everyone related to wedding/thank yous
- pick day for my sister to do hair/make up trial
- make something to give the little kids at the wedding (bucket with coloring book, crayons?)
- call caterer and have them fax license to venue
- hope a particular etsy vendor comes back from vacation so I can buy these earrings for the wedding:

- figure out wedding help (figure out who can help and what I need help with, mostly setting up day of...volunteers: I will need you soon! I love you all!)

Also, did I mention I needed to have my dress taken in a little? Woo!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

boozy fruit!

For my "bachlorette" (as I'm mentioned before), I'm thinking informal snacking and drinking, hanging out with my favorite ladies. Maybe mexican food, maybe summer favorites like grilled veggies, etc. But something like this would be a welcome addition:

(image via sweet paul, find the directions here)

Actually, this would be a welcome addition to any day. Say a Wednesday perhaps?

Monday, June 7, 2010

operation: fit into dress, commences

Lady Grace kinda sucks. There I said it. The woman who "helped" me? Terrrrible! She was really rude and kept saying things like 'you know the bra you're wearing doesn't fit you right (I thought it looked nice!)?" and "wow didn't you wait until the last minute to go shopping (nuh uh!)" and "one of your boobs is bigger than the other ( never noticed, thanks for something new to be self conscious about!)". Also when I told her what I wanted she said ''ya basically that doesn't exist (but David's Bridal told me specifically to get this for my dress) " then seemed exasperated when she asked me about my size and had to measure me (Really? Am I the first one to come in to a flippin' lingerie store that needed to be measured? Sorry Target doesn't measure me when I buy their 2 for 1 specials). So needless to say I did not want to spend $50 on a corset that gave me pointy Madonna breasts, especially since the lady was so snippy and judgy. On the way out, I wanted to yell 'You suck and your store is 90% old lady nighties!'. Basically this is what she gave me to try on (but strapless):

So instead we (me and Mom) went to Macy's and bought serious shapewear and bra that actually fits! Its called a "miracle suit" and was actually pretty comfortable (even though I'm probably going to be a sweaty mess wearing it in August). Moving up in the world, baby. Also, we got dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and I got a small salad and didn't even eat the whole thing! Seeing yourself in a crazy huge mirrored dressing room trying on undies did wonders for my appetite!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


So since I spent yesterday ranting about marshmallows, I didn't really write about anything else I've been up to. So here goes:

1- Me and the momma going lingerie shopping. Time to buy the craziest corset of all time! I love how excited my mom is for this. We also talked today about rehearsal dinner things which I am so glad that her and my other mom are planning this so I don't have to think about it.

2- I did some iron on bags for out of town guests. So far I just made 3 since I know 3 groups of out of towners are coming for the wedding. I used this image:


Just like to say how proud I am of myself that I actually remembered to print out a mirror image so it actually came out correctly when I made it! Half of my christmas gifts I made this year were backwards iron on transfers. Oops.

I need to do some investigating into what to fill the bags with. So far, I just have some salt water taffy. Any good Massachusetts ideas? What would you like to get if you came for a wedding in Beantown? I'm thinking maybe going into the city or down the cape to buy some souvenir-ish things like lobster lollipops, postcards, cranberry things, etc.

3- Also I finished the table numbers and signs. Well I might do one more big 'wedding this way' sign. I have them pressed in books right now since it is so humid (thanks Ry! I totally wouldn't have thought of this)

They are double sided (also Ry's idea) and I used the scallop edged scissors to cut them all. I really like how they turned out!

I can't believe the wedding is in 70 days! efffff.....

Saturday, June 5, 2010

favor madness

So I actually did a ton of stuff today! I was in my basement for a good chunk of the day stuffing favors which meant putting giganto marshmallows in tiny bags, tying with bakers twine and putting them in tiny gable boxes with a tealight and wooden stick ( Quick question: should I add a matchbook too? I was thinking those cute little boxed ones. Your thoughts?). Heres what they look like:

First things first: we need to discuss these ridiculous marshmallows.

They are almost the size of apples. They are a good 4 bite marshmallow. I tried to eat them in less and almost choked. Can you imagine the headline? "Deranged DIY bride chokes on enormous marshmallow while attempting to check another item off her Knot to-do list''. Awful! Anyways, first off you have this guy:

There is something creepy about the fact that he is wearing clothes. On top of that it is that creepy mascot eating its own kind thing. Not only is he roasting one of his own on a stick, he is wearing a shirt of a marshmallow on fire. Serious self loathing!

Next we have this tagline:

I just love it because it makes me think that they must think somewhere someone calls regular marshmallows 'tiny roasters'.

Clearly, I have had waaaaay too much sugar today.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

long overdue post*

some things I love about my soon to be husband:

- I love his laugh. It is the best when something makes him really laugh. I still get so excited when I make him laugh too
- I love how sweet he is. It always seems on days I feel the dumpiest/most haggard/like a chub, he looks at me and says ' You look nice today'. Whether he senses my down-in-the-dumps attitude or is simply being sweet, I do not know ( but I guess it doesn't matter does it?)
- I love how much he likes music and reading (I also love how he is very seasonal on what he reads and listens to)
- I love how when he is cleaning out the upstairs (backstory: we currently live in his grandmothers house), he brings down boxes for me of stuff I might like. Its like going to an awesome thrift store, everyday!
- I love how he doesn't care that I go to bed super early and watch awful tv and often when I'm 'reading' a book, its a cookbook (I read too! I swear!)
- I love that we are getting married and that he is putting up with me during all this wedding to-do baloney.
- I totally love his beard

That is just a snippet too. I am a lucky gal.

*I thought I needed to write a post like this after seeing several other sweet ones and spending last night buying mini wooden sticks (to put in my diy roast your own marshmallow favors which people are probably going to look at, maybe say 'awww' then eat the marshmallow and toss the rest)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I can't believe I actually got anything done this weekend

I can't believe I accomplished something other than getting mosquito bites on Memorial Day weekend but there's a first time for everything. So here's the summary:

- Friday: went to store for surprise hammock for anniversary gift. Super psyched for cheap hammock with stand. Then met up with Ry's excellent best lady and ate pizza
- Saturday: realized hammock did not have stand, that is why it was so inexpensive (well for a hammock). still debating whether to get a stand or return hammock. Spent most of day being a lazy person.
- Sunday: went to cookout. petted some baby bunnies. talked wedding stuff with the extended family. was told numerous times how much people liked our invite which made me very happy.
- Monday: went to cookout. My sister cooked me a delicious burger and everyone liked what I brought (green salad, tomato mozzarella salad and this one). Also, my sister is totally hilarious so that always makes my day. Then went to to wonderous Michaels with 2 gift cards and spent most of one. I invested in some canvas bags for out-of-town gifts to fill with things like salt water taffy, etc. Also bought some scallop scissors for table numbers, tiny cellophane bags for favors (also bought enormous 'campfire' marshmallows using another gift card, currently storing them in my basement to avoid them getting overheated in this weather and expanding/exploding), bought a bunch of craft books I always read (this one, this one, and this one...don't judge me!), some more tattoo and iron on inkjet paper and some terrarium stuff (since my succulents are piling up because I am a nut for terrariums right now but still needed 'river rocks' to finish making them).

Also, won these on ebay for the table numbers (I won 36 and it only came to $20 which is way less than I saw them everywhere else. Yay!)

Hooray for 4 day weekends (well 3 1/2)! I want another.