Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I can't believe I actually got anything done this weekend

I can't believe I accomplished something other than getting mosquito bites on Memorial Day weekend but there's a first time for everything. So here's the summary:

- Friday: went to store for surprise hammock for anniversary gift. Super psyched for cheap hammock with stand. Then met up with Ry's excellent best lady and ate pizza
- Saturday: realized hammock did not have stand, that is why it was so inexpensive (well for a hammock). still debating whether to get a stand or return hammock. Spent most of day being a lazy person.
- Sunday: went to cookout. petted some baby bunnies. talked wedding stuff with the extended family. was told numerous times how much people liked our invite which made me very happy.
- Monday: went to cookout. My sister cooked me a delicious burger and everyone liked what I brought (green salad, tomato mozzarella salad and this one). Also, my sister is totally hilarious so that always makes my day. Then went to to wonderous Michaels with 2 gift cards and spent most of one. I invested in some canvas bags for out-of-town gifts to fill with things like salt water taffy, etc. Also bought some scallop scissors for table numbers, tiny cellophane bags for favors (also bought enormous 'campfire' marshmallows using another gift card, currently storing them in my basement to avoid them getting overheated in this weather and expanding/exploding), bought a bunch of craft books I always read (this one, this one, and this one...don't judge me!), some more tattoo and iron on inkjet paper and some terrarium stuff (since my succulents are piling up because I am a nut for terrariums right now but still needed 'river rocks' to finish making them).

Also, won these on ebay for the table numbers (I won 36 and it only came to $20 which is way less than I saw them everywhere else. Yay!)

Hooray for 4 day weekends (well 3 1/2)! I want another.


  1. Holy wow! What a weekend! I love weekends when you can be a lazy bones and also super productive. Sounds a lot like my weekend, minus the cold. And well, the wedding fight. But all is good in the hood!

    So what did you do about the hammock?

    p.s. Going to have to try that Lemony Potato Salad. Sounds/looks delish!

  2. the hammock is currently back in its package. Unsure of the next step. The potato salad was so good! I used Trader Joes' teeny tiny potatoes to make it

  3. Oh I want a hammock!

    Love those little table number stands - bargain!

  4. Oh, I want a hammock. And a bbq. And a giant palm fan for my sweetie to fan me with...