Monday, June 14, 2010

people watching

So the other night we went to Friendly's. I know, not exactly eating good. But I wanted it and I ate it and now its over and now I don't. At least I didn't order this:

(image via serious eats)

Cause sometimes I'm hungry and I'm eating a sandwich but secretly wishing I was eating 3 sandwiches. Friendly's has lost its freakin mind.

Soooooo.... we walk in and I see their basket of kid's menus folded to hold crayons. Immediately, I think ''what a great idea! thats what I could do for the kids at the wedding!'' and as much as I wanted to take one to figure out how they folded it, I didn't because all I could picture was a poor little kid not getting to color because some crazy bride stole his crayons and paper. Anyone know what I'm talking about??? (this is so besides the point of this entry)

Aaaaanyways.... We sat beside these two people who I thought might be on a date. Even though we didn't say anything to each other, I know Ry well enough to know he was listening to them too. The girl was in grad school, I got that much. At one point I heard the guy ask her about her dissertation and she in return asked him if he knew what 'jimmies' were. I also heard him ask if 'they could take it to the next level', but I think he may have been joking about something*. I was fascinated and trying to figure out if they were in the early stages of dating (the guy was so mopey, I couldn't figure out his deal! He should have just ordered some kind of sundae with a candy face and he would have felt much better!). The two of us and Friendlys go way back. Both Ryan and I worked at a Friendly's when we were younger (the same one coincidentally, just at different times) and many of our pre-dating dates took place there. When we were driving home and discussing the Friendly's couple, Ry asked me "Do you think people watch us when we go out? And then talk about us on their car ride home?" I started to think. Perhaps when we first went together, another couple watched us and saw me trying to act cool and talk about hip bands I liked but didn't anymore because they "sold out" (I know, I'm cringing too) and perhaps they overheard Ryan's defending said band/artist, talking about maybe how they have to pay the bills and get braces for their kids. Maybe someone saw us sitting across from one another in a booth, picking at french fries and heard me talking about how I hoped he would still hang out with me even after I returned from my trip 300 lbs heavier (I was visiting my grandma and she manages to work crisco into everything she makes). They would have seen me trying to be too cool for school in my turquoise Gap raincoat (which is waaaay too small for me now). Then I think of us now. I don't think we act particularly strange when we go out. I think we always have a good time, always laughing and giggling, telling lots of stories. I'd like to think people probably look at us and see a couple in love. Two people full of smiles and ice cream sundaes who still enjoy each others company and want nothing more than to spend a Sunday night together eating faux dinner food and talking superheroes.

*On a side note: While this was amusing my favorite Friendly's story is still the group of teenage girls we sat beside once and overheard saying 'My grandma made me lunch today. She had no bread so she made me and peanut butter and fluff sandwich in a taco shell', followed by the time (when I worked there in high school) I witnessed a drunk guy in rainbow suspenders standing at the entrance, greeting people and seating them....or the time I accidentally filled the peanut butter sauce containers with horseradish sauce

((Also, did I mention Ry is on fire? He is checkin items of our to-do list like crazy! I love it!))


  1. "Cause sometimes I'm hungry and I'm eating a sandwich but secretly wishing I was eating 3 sandwiches."

    Bwahaha! GROSS!

  2. I was coincidentally talking to the hubbs how about how bloody hungry I am right now (and can't eat anything this late otherwise my morning sugar reading will remind me I have one foot in the grave) and opening your blog and I turn to look... At a GIANT mutant sandwich! I wouldn't mind eating just one of the two grilled cheese...

    (whew! longest run on sentence ever up there!)

    p.s. do you hear that? the tick tock of the minutes, counting down? its getting so close, YAY!

  3. I've wondered the same thing! Sometimes we are both in a quiet mood and aren't talking for a few minutes and I think other people may think we are on a horrible date or something. And then sometimes I catch us being obnoxiously cute (yeah, it happens).

    Its my total guilty pleasure to see a horrible first date - or what I assume to be. Its fascinating to watch two people getting to know each other like that - whether its going well or not. I heart people watching!

  4. I LOVE watching couple's on dates. Josh and I like to guess who's on a first date and we just watch and admire the magic (or sometimes awkwardness) unfold. As two people who met online and didn't meet face to face until 2-3 weeks of getting to know each other, we always enjoy hearing how other couple's meet each other.

    "faux dinner food and talking superheroes"- that ish makes me melt. You guys are adorable.

  5. amberdawn- yes it is gross, yet strangely intoxicating, much like a double down!

    lisa- sorry to tempt you with the ridiculousness! also, the clock is loud and clear. a little too loud if ask me...

    Jen- I love it so much, Friendlys is prime for people watching. I also overheard a little girl telling her parents not to eat sushi because she saw a show where someone did and that person got worms

    Angie- It really is the best. Aw, thanks for the adorable comment! I cannot get enough of you two!!

  6. Don't forget this gem (circa 2001-ish):

    Lisa: I ate the most un vegetarian meal ever tonite

    Liz: haha! turducken???

    Lisa: ha I wish! 'chili dog spiralroni': involving : pasta spirals, beef, cheese, hot dogs. all brought to us by chef boyardee

    Liz: Oh! Guess what! Michael started eating meat as of this weekend. After 7 years.

    Lisa: Did he have turducken?

    Liz: hahhah!! If only! He had turkey and beef. Not stuffed within each other though, sadly.

    Lisa: Whenever I eat meat, I sigh a little since it is not stuffed more meat.

  7. YESSS. definitely do this too. but i find only those "on-our-first-ish-date" folks or the "we've-been-married-for-a-century" folks are the ones worth watching.

  8. When T still lived in San Diego (and whenever we're in San Francisco), on Saturday and Sunday mornings we would go out to breakfast. We always watched the awkward one-night stand couples who were taking the "walk of shame." The worst were the ones who decided to go to breakfast together to see if there was anything really there. "Soooo, you're in ... construction?" "You were those glasses everyday?"

    And as someone with a sick fascination (but not the nerve to try it) with the double down, I applaud the use of the most ridiculous hamburger-sandwich thing I have ever seen to illustrate your post.

  9. 1. This made me bust out laughing: Cause sometimes I'm hungry and I'm eating a sandwich but secretly wishing I was eating 3 sandwiches. Friendly's has lost its freakin mind.

    2. EVERY couple goes through the fakery, and people can always tell the difference between a couple fakin it and a couple totally comfortable and in love with another. You start to look more and more like a silent 80yr old couple sitting at breakfast with separate newspapers as time goes on. That's the dream though, huh?

    3. You guys are so cute! You worked at the same restaurant at different times? Hell yes.

  10. Liz- how gross am I? meat stuffed with more meat? Did I also mention that I ate cake and a mcflurry today? blech

    elizabeth- agreed. i love those married for ages couples

    sarah- ooh! have not seen walk of shames at friendlys yet. I will keep my eyes peeled next time we're out for brekafast

    lizzie- first off: I love the amount of liz, elizabeth and lizzie on here! that is the dream. the whole 'saying something without saying anything' business. thank you for your sweet words :)

  11. Love people watching. And that sandwich thing with all the cheese... I want it....

  12. mrs t noooooo! it looks good now but it seems like later it would be disastorous!