Sunday, June 6, 2010


So since I spent yesterday ranting about marshmallows, I didn't really write about anything else I've been up to. So here goes:

1- Me and the momma going lingerie shopping. Time to buy the craziest corset of all time! I love how excited my mom is for this. We also talked today about rehearsal dinner things which I am so glad that her and my other mom are planning this so I don't have to think about it.

2- I did some iron on bags for out of town guests. So far I just made 3 since I know 3 groups of out of towners are coming for the wedding. I used this image:


Just like to say how proud I am of myself that I actually remembered to print out a mirror image so it actually came out correctly when I made it! Half of my christmas gifts I made this year were backwards iron on transfers. Oops.

I need to do some investigating into what to fill the bags with. So far, I just have some salt water taffy. Any good Massachusetts ideas? What would you like to get if you came for a wedding in Beantown? I'm thinking maybe going into the city or down the cape to buy some souvenir-ish things like lobster lollipops, postcards, cranberry things, etc.

3- Also I finished the table numbers and signs. Well I might do one more big 'wedding this way' sign. I have them pressed in books right now since it is so humid (thanks Ry! I totally wouldn't have thought of this)

They are double sided (also Ry's idea) and I used the scallop edged scissors to cut them all. I really like how they turned out!

I can't believe the wedding is in 70 days! efffff.....


  1. I love your table "numbers."

    For the OOT bags, I would like a subway map, maybe a walking tour map. Also a schedule with addresses and such for the wedding events (and phone numbers of key wedding people in case I forgot to put them into my phone or print them out). Something a little bit touristy cheesy, like a Beantown magnet for my refrigerator, water, a packet or two of tylenol and some m&ms (I get travel headaches).

  2. sarah- excellant suggestions! thank you very much

  3. you should put something from dunkin' donuts in there!

  4. julie! such a good idea! I always forget not everyone has 3 on their block like me :)