Sunday, June 27, 2010

weekend roundup

1. picked radishes & eggplant from my garden (ate the radishes chopped in a salad, in the process managing to cut off one of my fingertips with my mandoline slicer (this was promptly followed by my sis doing the same thing); holding onto eggplant to hopefully make this)
2. watched (and wept during) Toy Story 3 ( it was great! go see it now!)
3. made more terrariums
4. attended a bachlorette, complete with beads and phallic whistles...unofficially invited people to my "bachlorette" aka mexican food/diy margarita/pinata party
5. shopped my brains out (the usual suspects: dollar tree, michaels,target, etc)
6. brainstormed wedding crafts (kid's coloring sheets & pinwheel garlands....will post pictures when I have them...)

more (actual) updates soon! promise!

how was your weekend?


  1. nothing like a good penis whistle to get the party started.

  2. mandoline slicers scare me! you and sister are so brave!

    Can't wait to see those pinwheels!

  3. terrariums? You know how to do that??? Mr B & I bought this crazy glass octagonal contraption that has been sitting in our laundry for the last four months at a yard sale. I so want to put plants and things in it - but I have a black thumb (eg. I kill anything in a pot).

  4. miss t- all you have to do is layer rocks (you can buy cheap ones at IKEA or Michaels if you don't have enough in your yard), charcoal (pet store), soil and terrarium moss (pet store). Then you can plant any succulent you want in there. you can also put cute little decor like mini mushrooms too! just don't overwater them or they will rot (trust me on that one!)