Saturday, June 26, 2010

fluffy post aka what is the deal with rompers

sorry guys. I have nothing deep and meaningful for you...but I do have lots of pictures of stuff I want to buy!

I am loving the new adorable one piece swimsuits that all stores seem to have now! But since I am not a millionaire I can't buy the majority one ones I have been drooling over (really anthro? $200 for something that makes me feel self conscious? you should pay me $200 to wear it!). Also someone needs to explain to me why bikinis, etc cost more than 1 pieces??? aren't they less fabric?

(suit via target)

Also, anyone else running into the problem that you see a cute sundress, you try it on and its a romper? I apologize to anyone who reads my facebook status because I already complained about rompers on that forum too. But seriously! My sis looks hella cute in them but I look like a baby with a full diaper in them. Maybe I'm wearing them wrong?

Things I hope to buy soon (perhaps with some birthday cash?):
- little suitcases for our honeymoon
- swimsuit
- shoes for all the weddings I am attending
- belts for all the billowing dresses I have purchased recently
- meyer lemon tree (for fun! no idea how long it will survive in New England weather, but why would Lowes be selling them otherwise?)

what are you guys in the midst of shopping for? or making lists 'to buy'?


  1. I hate bathing suit season. I got a note the other day from a sweet friend who is coming to visit at the end of the summer, and I cringed because I so do not want to have to be seen in a bathing suit by anyone outside of my immediate family.

  2. And p.S. No adult woman should be wearing rompers, or anything else with elastic around the thighs or a bubble shape around the butt. No; sorry, just no.

  3. bathing suit season is awful. awful! i totally agree about the rompers, maybe I can cut holes and make the cut ones dresses??

  4. Oh my.... can't even think about shopping lists right now... haha! It would send my brain into overload and eventually a malfunction.

    But on the real, that swimsuit is all kinds of cute. LOVE the one pieces they have nowadays.

  5. You should buy that red swimsuit - LOVE it!

  6. Love the one-pieces on sites like unique-vintage and modcloth...but buying a bathing suit...let alone on the internet?? Sounds like all kinds of wrong to me. Yeah. not excited about that idea at all. It's gonna get here and squeeze my thighs like a tourniquet, I know it.

    Haha! Baby in a full diaper...totally..I made the mistake of trying on a one piece PANTS-thingy. What the hell is that called? Jumpsuit, maybe? Yeah...Chubby-baby syndrome...luckily I tried it on with a friend in the exact same thing, and she came out and was like, "Why do I feel like the world's fattest baby in this? I should be on Maury..."

    Yes. So anyways, feel ya on that, the lemon trees sound awesome, and yeah, no shopping list for me. I am hoping to buy a delorean with a flux capacitor if you know anyone...gonna go back to that time in February I was reminding myself swimsuit season was coming up and I should probably tighten up for the summer.


  7. angie- i know! about time they made some cute one pieces! too many years fo avoiding the beach because all I ahd was a tummy and one pieces

    lizzie- i can spend hours looking at mod cloth but i definetly agree buying online is tricky. thanksfully that target one is in stores. i don't get romperas/jumpsuits deals! they look so cute hanging up!

    p.s. you NEED to pick me up too if you get yourself a delorean :)