Monday, June 29, 2009

I want it, I want it

Nothing new to report really. Yesterday was very slow and I spent much of the day reading the news and looking at wedding websites. Here are some things I collected!

(image via something old something new)

Aren't these fabulous? They are made out of jersey fabric. I want to make them so much! But when I tried to click on a link for instructions, they sent me to site to buy a book but I really like them so maybe I will buy the book.

(images via earth friendly weddings)

In the top image, another great hair piece idea. I love the detail of the pearls in the center.I love the look the lemons the the bottom of the vase. I love the simple white flowers too. And of course, the gingham! The site I found the image from, Earth Friendly Weddings, is great as well.

(image via nicole miller via bluefly via project wedding...whew)

Oh my goodness. I want this really bad. It might look horrific on me but I have fallen for this dress and I have fallen hard.

Frocks & the 4th

So it is the beginning of a new week but a short week! And my birthday is this weekend. Yes that is correct, me and America share a birthday. I always feel rude asking for money but when my uncle asked last week I just kind of smiled when he said "Money?" and I also made note I want Martha's new craft book. Which may lead to me receiving several copies like the Christmas a couple years ago that my mom got the same Bruce Springsteen dvd from 4 or 5 people. I also sent an email to a friend from high school on any tips (she got married the other week) and she gave me some great suggestions. It was nice to finally have a somewhat sunny weekend (atleast most of Saturday) so I was sad to see the rain returning full speed this morning. My patio garden is drowning. But atleast I can dream of summer and hopefully, it will be nice on Saturday for the big 2-6.

(image via once wed)

Now I don't really like strapless (or atleast I don't like a completely bare upper chest) but this dress is fantastic. When I went dress shopping the other week, the man working there kept telling me that all they make is strapless dresses and good luck finding one with straps. Then he brought out 3 with straps for me to try on.

(image via omg on yahoo)

I'm sure its a million dollars since Cameron Diaz is wearing it but I adore it. I really love the top half. Her shoes are pretty cute too. If it is not a million dollars, I feel like it would make a great informal gown.

(images from jill's photo blog via 100 layer cake)

Another gorgeous dress (look at those fabulous sleeves!!!), another lemon ring shot. What is with me and loving lemons so much? My cousins told me my little cousin eat them with nothing on them. Probably because he is so sweet. Sorry for the ridiculous sappiness but I adore the little guy.

(images via martha stewart weddings)

have you seen the great images from the pop-up wedding? I love her dress. Unfortunately, I went to the vendor's website and they have no locations in MA and I don't know if I want to travel out of state to try on a dress I might get. I don't know how I feel about mail order even though there are some crazy amazing vintage dresses online.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

OhMYGod Shoes

(image via

Eek! I think that these are the shoes I want for the wedding. I think I will order them this week. They are almost like the jcrew shoes I like only a hundred dollars less!

Guess whats in my head now? Heres a hint:

Saturday, June 27, 2009

We Have a Caterer!

(image from fun images from Tennessee's website so I thought this would just as good for bbq)

I am so psyched that we booked the caterer we wanted! We will work out the specifics later but they booked us for the date and so it is going to be delicious bbq for us. We will probably do something along the lines of pulled chicken and/or pork, mac and cheese, some kind of greens (vinegar-y coleslaw, cucumber salad or southern green beans) and definetly the cornbread. I am in love with their pulled chicken burritos. Woo! One more thing to check off. So that makes:

booked location
booked caterer
booked photographer
have groomspeople/bridal party
have officiant
have ring bearer
have date set

I think that is pretty good with over a year to go.

Also congratulations are in order! My future sister in law just got engaged! I am very very happy for her and hope we can do wedding stuff together!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Things I've learned from my first dress shopping experience:

1.- do not let people tell you what other people like or what you should wear
2- read the fine print on sales flyers
3- i do not want to wear 35 layers of material on a hot August day next summer
4- i still want the same dress i wanted going in
5-liz is the best & I love my m.i.l.

needless to say I did not find "the dress". The quest continues...

i'm off to visit a friend for coffee so here is some inspiration...

(image via junebug weddings)
how much do you love the dress on the far right? swoon...

(images via green wedding shoes)
Wonderful images. A mish mash of different ideas I like in one wedding!
Lets see:
garland? check!
cupcakes? check!
billy buttons? check!

(image via once wed)
Moon pies? What a time to be alive.....

(image via erin ever after)
What a super stylin' couple. I love them

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Someone (me) has a case of the Mondays

I can't help but be annoyed at how stuffed up I feel. I thought I was feeling better! I think I am just grumpy because I woke up much earlier than planned (thanks to rambunctious kitties) and in the course of updating this the computer froze hmmm like 900 times time. C'mon Monday what is your deal?

Regardless of my start of the week moodiness, Ritzy bee had some wonderful images to share this morning!

(image via amorology weddings)

I kinda hate how small this image keeps coming out. But I adore the yellow/gray table settings!

(both images via amorology weddings)

I'm sorry is it to late to change everything about my wedding? Just kidding but how gorgeous are these 2? It is from this amazing carnival themed wedding with tickets and games and balloon animals. How super fun is the color scheme too?!

Also for anyone else with crushes on short dresses on a budget, I suggest you check this out

Ooh! Another one!

The Premier Maggie Sottero
Trunk Show
June 23-July 12, 2009

Join us for this sneak preview of
the 2010 bridal collection before
they arrive in salons! Plus, take
advantage of our trunk show
  • Private viewings available
  • upon request
  • Enjoy champagne and
  • hors d'oeuvres
  • Sale gowns starting at $99

Please call (508) 824-6900
for your appointment.

New York Lace
89 Main Street
Taunton, MA 02780

email |

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stuffy & Sneezy

Things I've accomplished this weekend:

1. got sick & got better (i think a combo of marathons of 'Bones', blood orange sorbet & japanese udon noodle soup was the cure!)

2. laid around a lot

ha ha so accomplished! A friend of mine from high school got married on Friday and a friend from college is engaged as well. It certainly helps to ask people in similar situations their ideas and what they're up to and what works/didn't work for them. Well I guess I don't have too much to report another than if anyone has questions pertaining to Bones, Season 1. I got another email about a dress sale not too far from me so depending on Wednesday's results, I may make an appointment with them too!

On that note...

(image via c is for charmed)

I realize I already posted an image of this pretty bride ( she was the one with the horse) but I love love the lace details in her dress so here she is again!

(image via ritzy bee)

I really really want a tea length dress for the wedding. I also adore scalloped edging and the lace details on top. I think I do want sleeves, the strapless thing does nothing for me!

Some great how-to links:

Pom Poms!

Stamp Carving

Paper Mache LoveBirds

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Friday!

(image via eastside bride)

have a great weekend everyone!

I Like Like You

Well I did update last night so I do not really have any new stories. But I did find some excellent ideas!

(image via c is for charmed)

So I love the idea of the admit one ticket and the yes or no stickers. Brillant!

(image via hello lucky)

This is just adorable. I'm not sure why since I usually take issue with food that is depicted as cute if I'm about to eat it (ex smiling pigs at bbq joints).

(image via thrush's shop on etsy)

Um.... I am sort of in loooove with this dress. It is really cheap. I'm nervous someone will buy it before me. If my dress shopping next week does not go well, I might just get it.

(image via timelessvixenvintage on etsy)

Also very very sweet. But gigantic ruffles and poufs look cute but may make me look the size of a house.

Also read this. I saw it the other day but skipped it since it had purple not yellow but I love the container ideas!

And...look what I found! I better order quick!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Resistance is Futile, Sweet Pea

The title is from a NY times article. It made me giggle so I borrowed it. So I got back a little late from work today since I had to go buy a father's day gift. I went to a plaza that has an IKEA (grill pan) and Newbury Comics (Old 97's cd) and a couple other things including an iparty. I stopped in at iparty because I was hoping to find a mini superman action figure. No such luck! What is this??? Why can I not find one? I really want to put it into my fiancee's boutonneire. I'm at a loss for finding one. Any ideas??? Anybody????

Also, I was listening to Pandora at work and realized all the songs which came up that I actually wanted to listen to (I am always confused why they think I think the weirdest songs and bands) were all very down on love (or atleast the title was) for example: The Sound of Settling and Caring is Creepy. Also 'Wild Pack of Family Dogs' is probably a bring down since its about dogs eating people.

Now for pretty pictures!

(image via martha stewart weddings)

(image via ritzy bee)

what fabulous bouquets right?? the butterflies make my heart skip a beat. I love the details of the feathers in the second image.

(image via oh happy day)

Neat! It's like my mind, a combination of a bunch of vases and yellow flowers!

(image via all things lovely)

I love bird cages. I do not k now what it is about them but they would make a fabulous centerpiece.

***Also I read this today and was kinda peeved about it. I am having comfort food because it is delicious and cheap. Not because I am trying to mask my vast wealth (which I do not have):
NY Times wedding food

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Things on my mind:

1- when thinking of songs for the wedding, I find it hard to find a song I like that is positive about love. So many good ones aren't or they are about something awesome like spaceships but I suppose you can still use spaceship songs in your wedding. Also how many people listen to the lyrics if the music is fun?

2- i really want a muffin

on that note...

(image via frolic!)

ha how crazy would it be if i was like 'hey i rented a horse for the wedding!'

(image via frolic!)

whta a cute sweet dress

(image via oh so beautiful paper)

i love this bouquet. The flowers & the fruit!

Monday, June 15, 2009

You Got Citric Acid in My Eye!

(image via Project Wedding, they used wrapping paper as a runner, doesn't it look great???)

Hmmm... how did I not look at the DIY section of Project Wedding until yesterday? Curious indeed. Well they are wonderful for both great tutorials and real life bride stories on how they are being budget savvy and actual cost breakdown. Reading some of their posts, I felt like I was spending a ton on my wedding. But I give props to anyone who can spend $2000 on a wedding including everything!

Also, after reading all their posts it made me want to invest in a rubber address stamp & monogram so that way if we need it for anything wedding related we will be good to go!

Also, did anyone get the reference in the title? Just wondering.....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Martha Rules

(all images via Martha Stewart Weddings)

Oh Martha. I love your craftiness. I really love both these ideas. I am not sure how to make a faux garland altar stand up at our venue but it would be really great. The lollipop trees are totally doable however. I bought some fun crafts yesterday at an awesome antique place, michaels and ac moore. I bought some fake flowers to make hair accessories for the girls, fake billy buttons (which I need to spray paint becuase for some reason they are brown??), wreaths & intial letters and a toy car to work into our ring bearer's boutonneriere. I am also going craft shopping with my sis today. woo!

Also, check out this super cute wedding! (this is where the lollipop tree is from)