Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Resistance is Futile, Sweet Pea

The title is from a NY times article. It made me giggle so I borrowed it. So I got back a little late from work today since I had to go buy a father's day gift. I went to a plaza that has an IKEA (grill pan) and Newbury Comics (Old 97's cd) and a couple other things including an iparty. I stopped in at iparty because I was hoping to find a mini superman action figure. No such luck! What is this??? Why can I not find one? I really want to put it into my fiancee's boutonneire. I'm at a loss for finding one. Any ideas??? Anybody????

Also, I was listening to Pandora at work and realized all the songs which came up that I actually wanted to listen to (I am always confused why they think I think the weirdest songs and bands) were all very down on love (or atleast the title was) for example: The Sound of Settling and Caring is Creepy. Also 'Wild Pack of Family Dogs' is probably a bring down since its about dogs eating people.

Now for pretty pictures!

(image via martha stewart weddings)

(image via ritzy bee)

what fabulous bouquets right?? the butterflies make my heart skip a beat. I love the details of the feathers in the second image.

(image via oh happy day)

Neat! It's like my mind, a combination of a bunch of vases and yellow flowers!

(image via all things lovely)

I love bird cages. I do not k now what it is about them but they would make a fabulous centerpiece.

***Also I read this today and was kinda peeved about it. I am having comfort food because it is delicious and cheap. Not because I am trying to mask my vast wealth (which I do not have):
NY Times wedding food


  1. loving the Mason Jars with yellow tulips, ranunculs etc.

    I wish I would help you with the Superman action figure... I have some Buzz Lightyear on the floor in my son's room you can have...

    ebay maybe???