Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Like Like You

Well I did update last night so I do not really have any new stories. But I did find some excellent ideas!

(image via c is for charmed)

So I love the idea of the admit one ticket and the yes or no stickers. Brillant!

(image via hello lucky)

This is just adorable. I'm not sure why since I usually take issue with food that is depicted as cute if I'm about to eat it (ex smiling pigs at bbq joints).

(image via thrush's shop on etsy)

Um.... I am sort of in loooove with this dress. It is really cheap. I'm nervous someone will buy it before me. If my dress shopping next week does not go well, I might just get it.

(image via timelessvixenvintage on etsy)

Also very very sweet. But gigantic ruffles and poufs look cute but may make me look the size of a house.

Also read this. I saw it the other day but skipped it since it had purple not yellow but I love the container ideas!

And...look what I found! I better order quick!


  1. Hi Lisa, fellow Old 97s fan! I'm afraid I snapped up that dress as a dancing/afterparty dress. Perhaps I'll sell it to you after my August wedding, if you're still interested....

  2. it's okay! i hope you have fun at your party! and i am always glad to find someone who likes the old 97's. my dad was looking for new music so i bought him a cd for father's day

  3. love love love that dress with the scalloped edge! I'm making/ammending my own, so no worries about me snatching it up. but someone might!