Friday, June 12, 2009

I Must be Fine Because My Heart's Still Beating

Hapy friday! I am too tired to type anything of note and too full of sweet peaches to move so here is some awesome stuff I like.

So the other day I was tipped off by a comment on my blog to this amazing site! It has great wedding supplies for people looking for a casual diy affair. also great resource for any party or for crazy people like me who need cotton candy making accessories.

what?! how great are these? they are all from Bake It Pretty. They also have amazing baking supplies, cookie cutters and more. I am in love with the candy buttons.

These wonderful pictures are from Green Wedding Shoes. Now that is my kind of veil. I spent an absurd amount of time in Walmart's craft section tonight and left with nothing because I felt like I was not in love with any of the items I had piled in my arms. Yay for self-conrol! I did go to AC Moore though and bought some crafty stuff.

You should probably go to these sites too:

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