Sunday, June 14, 2009

Martha Rules

(all images via Martha Stewart Weddings)

Oh Martha. I love your craftiness. I really love both these ideas. I am not sure how to make a faux garland altar stand up at our venue but it would be really great. The lollipop trees are totally doable however. I bought some fun crafts yesterday at an awesome antique place, michaels and ac moore. I bought some fake flowers to make hair accessories for the girls, fake billy buttons (which I need to spray paint becuase for some reason they are brown??), wreaths & intial letters and a toy car to work into our ring bearer's boutonneriere. I am also going craft shopping with my sis today. woo!

Also, check out this super cute wedding! (this is where the lollipop tree is from)


  1. I LOVE the lollipop tree!! Thank you for posting this super cute idea.

  2. Is Baby Andre going to be the ring bearer?

  3. yes! he will almost be 4 next summer!