Thursday, June 4, 2009

Help A Lady Out!

Alright, so take a look at these:

(first image via ritzy bee, second image via simple song)

Where the heck do I find these baskets???? I don't even know how to do a search for them! I would really love them to put appetizers in for the wedding tables! Any help would be much appreciated! Also, I am trying on dresses at the end of the month! I made an appointment today!

(image via jars of cute)

I mean seriously?! how great is that? clearly its a little too nutty to take on for a wedding table but I still love it.

that's all for now! I'm off for a little mini vacation!

wow lots of exclamations today



  1. I love your blog so I'm "splashing" you! When you get back from your vacation, check out my blog for the details :)

  2. I googled paper food tray and got this

  3. jessica- thanks so much!
    emilia jane- you rule! i really appreciate the help!