Saturday, January 30, 2010

My helpers

(Because it would be rude not to introduce them: Beto is the cat walking on top of my save-the-dates and Tinker is the cat sitting in the box with my bibs. Pirate was nowhere to be found although he was sitting on top of my bibs earlier before I folded them.)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Friday!

(image via grey likes weddings)

This week flew by yet I still find myself saying tgif. I picked up the save the dates yesterday and they were perfect and super cheap. Then I went to Michaels and bought various patterned red papers to use as a envelope liner then went to office max and bought a pack og 100 envelopes. I started addressing them last night but gave up around 'M'. What are your weekend plans? I might see an art show and an old friend. Otherwise, I'm sure you know the drill: craft, craft, craft. Things on my plate this weekend:

- finish & send save the dates
- add my craft mushrooms to my monogram wreaths
- if the bibs come in, get to work on those
- work on crepe flowers
- work on invitations

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

love love love i want your love

(image via le love)

Sorry for the light posting but I am a busy bee lately

-bought stamps and dropped off save the dates to be printed (at staples so hoping they come out good)
-also quick questions about invite/save the date etiquette (do you love the note taking structure of this blog post? bring me back to history class...)
1- am i a jerk for totally taking over making them even though help is offered? I'm just being very anal and I have a vision in mind!
2- is it hella lame to leave my co-workers invites in their inbox instead of mailing them? we all exchange birthday cards, sympathy cards that way usually. I looked up their addresses in our computer system but 2 were cut off so I will have to ask them anyways since they are condo addresses.

-tonight need to buy envelopes/liners and stuff and address them all (oh and mail them too)
- completely inspired by this wedding. A vintage mailbox? I would love that for my postcards!
-working on the website (by the way, Liz if you are reading this send me a digital pic of you I can use otherwise I'm going to have to scan something weird and old of us :)
-waiting for the bibs to come in so I can stamp them
-need to go buy a necklace chain/charms to finish necklace
-trying to decide on earrings to buy....I really love these. which one? which one?

(both from this awesome etsy shop where I want everything....)

-clearly I need to totally get my act together on flowers (that's what weekends are for right?)

on a side note: totally in love with this wedding too!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

trying to save-the-date

I feel like this is going to be one of those weeks where I can't get out of my own way. First off, I like sleep. A LOT. So instead of exercising in the morning lately, I've had to do it when I get home because I can't get up early enough. But then by the time I've done with that, making dinner, etc I am stressed that I haven't done any wedding stuff. I feel like I am going nuts! I did call staples last night to get an estimate on the $ for printing our save the dates which is actually probably less than if i bought all the different color ink cartridges I need for the printer right now. Also, the longest it takes them to print is 2 days so I'm hoping to go tomorrow or tonight if I get my act together. I was going to go last night but I am a weenie driving in torrential downpours and so is my car (my battery light consistently comes on atleast once when it rains and scares me). But really it is because I'm a weenie. On a different (and wedding related) note, one good thing about The (dreaded) Knot is that if you use their guest list manager tool it also tells you how many invites. For example, even though we are having about 136 people, we only need about 66 invitations. I know its simple math but simple math is still the last thing I feel like doing right now. As I'm sure you've guessed and have read, I am in the process of finishing the save-the-dates which means I still need to: order them, address envelopes (get any last minute missing addresses), stuff them and send them. So I also need: stamps, envelopes and maybe cool patterned paper to make something like this (I'd prefer small polka dot kinda again with the comic book theme):

(image from here)

and also, I realize everyone and their brother has probably used these but I do like them so I'm probably going to invest in buying the full lot of them in one trip. (for save the dates and invites):

(image from here)

and I would really love to put people's addresses in speech bubbles like comic books to go with the superman theme like this:

(image from here)

Also, need to finish the wedding website so if people go to it (I'm writing the link at the bottom of the card), it's not crappy and half done.

Looks like I have my work cut out for me, people.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

feeling frenzied

(print available at this etsy shop)

-ordered bibs (check!)
-cut out and stamped remaining flags (check!)
-cut out more fabric circles for poms (check!)
-made some more pinwheels (check!)
-stamped rest of save-the-date stickers (check!)
-began wedding website (project wedding has some cute designs which are free!)

Need to:
-Buy printer ink!
-Finish making pinwheels/buy more patterned paper!
-finish and send save-the-dates! (and buy stamps/envelopes and/or investigate print shop?!)
-find my good scissors/buy new ones
-research financial part/logistical part of honeymooning in Scotland

Quick Questions:
How essential is fancy paper for invites/save the dates?
Can I just use cardstock? Cause I'm totally going to...Also, any help with ideas/tips for printing your own is much appreciated.
Do I send hotel info with save the dates or invites?
Or separately?
Also, am I supposed to figure out car rentals for people too? I'm not driving anything fancy on the big day. Limos could not impress me less. I'm probably driving my sweet ride (2000 ford contour sport,baby)

Side note: somehow I have gotten my second wind with exercising. Bring it on.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

projects so far...

Several episodes of 48 hours investigates,'Teen Mom' and part of 'The Simpsons' movie I have the following to show for myself:

this one is a little messy since it was just a demo one. I am going to cut them into squares (if you can't see with the glare, the stickers are circular) and put them in with the save-the-dates when they get sent out.

Here's some fabric I bought to make more fabric poms and add to this every growing pile:

I bought all these kits on super clearance. I figured they would help me make bouquets.

I bought a pad of patterned paper and have been making these pinwheels from them. I like that the paper is double sided too. As I'm sure you noticed, I am straying from a strict yellow theme and simply using colors/patterns I like. I don't think I have enough for what I want to make so I will just have to keep my eyes out for more.

I also made a handful of these ( I could only make enough to go with the dowels I had bought). Just need to buy some more dowels and make about 100 more!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Friday!

(you can buy this ridiculously awesome photo here)

So last night I decided I needed a night off from exercising and decided to just have a "no regrets" evening which entailed me eating brownies for dinner. I did make a ton of more flower poms though.

No regrets!

What are you up to this weekend? I am having brunch with my mom in the morning at this great place at the end of my street (I am dreaming about their grilled banana bread....yummm...also side note: sorry for all the food references). Then I am crafty/buying wedding stuff like mad.

Hope you have a great one!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Swimming in a sea...

...of fabric flowers!

Yesterday I had an appointment outside of the office and the ladies at work told me just to go home after. So awesome. Also, the doctor I had could not get enough of my stories everyone had heard a thousand times at this point and she kept calling me 'too perfect' and laughing. Really? If you could tip a doctor, she would have made out big time in moola yesterday. Also, they weighed me but due to the fact that I haven't weighed myself since last time I was there (and promptly forgot that amount, other than it was upsetting) so I have no idea if I'm losing weight. I am gauging it thus far on the fact that I can wear smaller pants. So I went to the fabric store and bought several yards of fun fabrics and gabbed with my favorite fabric store ladies about life (i think they love me because they secretly know I am basically an old lady too). Then I got home and I had mail from the hotel (contract with reduced rate) and some craft supplies I ordered. Then I accomplished a bunch of silly stuff, worked out and made fabric garland flowers for a while. All in all a very accomplished day! I also woke up after midnight feeling crazy sick this morning so I had a bad feeling about this day. For some reason, I feel much better about it now.

Its almost Friday people. Things are looking up. I plan on crafting the heck out of this weekend!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lists, Things

(image via glamour)

So how is your new year going? Mine is going well. I have exercised everyday so far but one and my wedding planning has been kicked into high gear. Today I slept in so that meant tonight I had to race home exercise then drive back to our old neighborhood to vote** (need to register in the new town still....). I totally deserve a gold star!

Things I am up to:
-being snuggled up in a blanket
- living vicariously through the 'Chowdown Countdown' on the travel channel while eating sugar free popsicles
-feeling guilty about the about the above two things since I feel like I should be doing wedding stuff

Things I need to buy:
-wet naps
-sticker paper
-tons of fabric
-tons of fun patterned/solid colored paper
-more printer ink

Things to do/finish:
-save the dates
-invites ( which includes me needing to make a wedding webiste and make a fun map/directions)
-schedule an eye exam and get some new glasses/contacts
-buy some crest white strips
-reschedule fitting

Things that make me happy:
- I do not need to renew my passport
-the table decor in this wedding. Fruits!
- this DIY and this DIY

**not the results I was hoping for. c'mon MA! really?!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Updates!

Sorry for the lack of updates. Its been a pretty eventful couple of days! Saturday was crazy busy all day. Me, my mom and mother in law when to the Camp and took some pictures and measurements. On Sunday I saw a good friend and had a nice time catching up. Also, we went to Michaels, where I was a crazy person scouring the clearance section!

Garland poms! (as you can tell by the piles of fabric circles, I am in the process of making 6 million of these. I think I am going to go get tons more fabric this weekend and maybe vary the size of the circles as well)

I tried my hand at some crepe paper flowers. I need to try to tweak it a little to get exactly what I want. I like the yellow roses the best. I think I need to make a couple more layers.

So I went to Michaels and bought some clear stamps and assembled this to stamp our bibs with! Also, I might do something similar for a sticker with our save the dates ( minus the plate setting). Also I might put the sticker on some wet naps too. Am I getting crazy at this point or is still fun?

Flags! ( also using the clear stamps. those things are great! and this font was on sale! woo!)

and look what I bought! I am so psyched to tie everything together with it :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Friday!

(via le love)

Nice sweet quote for a Friday. What are you up to this weekend? I am making wedding crafts and taking pictures of/making sketches of/ measuring our venue in addition to going to a charity trivia tournament and a soup swap.

Hope you have a great one!

Check out these sweet links: here, here and here.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

almost friday ( and a 3 day weekend!)

Couple things:

-got my purse in the mail. It is so cute! I am very happy with my purchase.

- I was thinking of what to do with my super long bangs for the wedding. Ooh how about this, sister hairdresser??

(image via green wedding shoes)

- went shoe shopping last night at DSW. Total bust. As in U-G-L-Y you ain't go not alibi ugly shoes. Which stinks. I spent a very long time last night looking for cute quirky yellow shoes (or just fun colored shoes). I wish when you googled 'wedding shoes' super silver strappy numbers weren't the only thing that comes up. Any good shopping suggestions for shoes?

-bought some more colors of sheets of crepe paper. Now I actually have to get started on those flowers. I printed out a million templates yesterday of all different flowers so I can try my had at a couple different ones.

-I want to buy the biggest spool of red bakers twine ever. Not only would it be great to tie together my invites, save the dates, etc. But I love the sweet detail in this wedding too (which I might have to steal).

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

moss is messy aka the rest of weekend projects! (wreaths, ring pillow, boutonneires)

superman's leg looks hella big in this picture but it looks less weird in person. I used mini striped ribbon that I got on sale for $1 a spool!

I made this a while ago but I added the ribbon over the weekend and I like it alot.

here are the wreaths! this weekend I am going to the venue to take pictures and measurements. hopefully these can hang out front! I am also very tempted to add these to it!

crystal- the moss was totally messy! you can't really see it since it is more brown than green but it adds a cool texture up close!

feeling good for a tuesday

so here are some other things in the works:

-I am working on completing the full invitation which means actual ceremony/reception information and I also need a map to go along with that. I found an image from the superman wedding comic the invite is done from which is a full page that of dialog between Lois and Superman and I think I might just add the information into the speech bubbles (and use our faces (but I might not, I could keep them as Lois as Clark since it doesn't matter on this piece) and make the speech bubbles bigger to fit all the info) and then for an rsvp card I found an image of Lois talking to Superman on the phone. I would love to make speech bubble stickers with one saying 'yes love too' and maybe the other saying 'no can't too busy saving the world that day'. I also need to figure out the bizarre world of invitation wording.I basically want something along the lines of ' the two of us along with our loving families invite you to....' not any crazy 'sir blah blah cordially invites your royal presence to attend the prestiguous nuptials of blah blah blah...'

- last night I bought some lace appliques to hopefully make something along the lines of this (now I just need to get a chain and maybe a little pearl or feather like shown below). On a side note, there were tons of hipster boys at the fabric store last night. Also two of the older ladies behind the cash register were slow dancing. All in all a pretty hilarious trip.

(from littlewhitedresser's shop on etsy)

(from bejewelledbespoke's shop on etsy)

- got the blank cufflinks I ordered in the mail. Looked online to find cool images to modge podge on (band pics, cd covers, etc or I might use guitar picks).Not sure who exactly is getting them ( I know my dad atleast). Have to hammer that out with the future hubs.

-invested in a ton of floral tape at the dollar store to start making flowers because of course when I went to make them the floral tape I have was no where to be found. Also bought some wire cutters. Got to love The Dollar Tree.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2 of 4 projects this weekend (save the dates and invites)

I understand that the invite has no real info on it so I'll have to add more but you get the idea. I'm thinking of investing in some sticker paper to make some date stickers and/or yes/no responses. Also, I need to make a wedding website, some kind of fun map, an rsvp card and whatever else I can put in an envelope!

procrastinating like its my job

So yesterday I basically succeeded in starting things but not finishing anything. I also went on the hunt for crepe paper (not the rolls the kind that comes in sheets). I would think if Martha has so many projects using this that she would stock it in all the stores she sells her merchandise/kits. But no. I called Michaels and they actually recommended me to go to this party supply place about 10 minutes from our house. I bought an absurd amount (only $1 a package) in a couple different colors so hopefully I can make these:

(image from here)

I will be psyched if they work out since they are so big I won't have to make too too many. What happened with the paper punches you ask? They sort of fizzled out since they are crazy small but I might incorporate some into this centerpieces/bouquets but it might take a million years to construct bouquets using only those.

so I started:

I will post pictures when they are done!

Also, I have been shoe shopping (I guess scouting is a better word since I haven't bought anything; I'm finding it hard to rationalize spending $150 on the shoes I really want). Modcloth has so awesome ones like:

Also aren't I supposed to stop hating working out by now? I still do, I'm dreading doing it right now. I am doing that thing where I am thinking of every possible thing I could do before it in order to put it off, like lug the pieces of my disassembled christmas tree upstairs.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Stuff is Happening!

How's your weekend going so far? I really ought to take down my Christmas decor. I have done some things so far today though! I worked out ( 9 days straight!) and I bought some moss to make these. Hooray! Also I went to the most disheveled jo-ann fabrics ever. It was tempted to ask if it was going out of business because entire aisles were empty and everything was on clearance. But I did get some cute ribbon there to make some boutonneires.

-Catering figured out- just need to give them updates a week ahead (check!)
-Hotel situation for out of tow guests- got reduced rate, paperwork in mail (check!)


(from here)
bought for the ring bear-er ha ha ha

to make for the dads, fiancee & best man? ( I bought a set of 5...I couldn't find any I liked for the dudes that weren't too $$$$. I'm thinking superheroes, music stuff...)

(from here)
for me!

I lost one bid on ebay but I am also bidding on something new, which I actually like better. wish me luck! I am also stalking ebay and hoping to will shoes i want onto it. Also, looking into buying these for centerpieces. I wanted to buy one of each size to figure out what I liked better but the shipping charge stinks so maybe I should just pick a size and stick to it?

Also: I need your help!
What are some good sites for fun cheap dresses? I've exhausted all my resources thus far.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Friday!

(image via wedinator)

Well folks, I don't know about you but it has been a looooooong week for me. What are your weekend plans? I need to take down my Christmas decorations and do tons of wedding stuff. Of course I will keep you posted!

Here's to a good one!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sort of Real Updates!

so last night I did a massive wash of our sheets, towels, clothes, etc. When I went to work out this morning I realized the clothes were still a little wet in the dryer but I threw on my sports bra anyways and still worked out. What? I can't believe I am actually keeping up with this (also note to self: buy more than 1 sports bra)

in wedding news:

- in the midst of finding cheap cute bridesmaid dresses (like this one or this one or this one...)
- selecting some crafty stuff to order on payday for centerpieces (basically buying this entire site)
- using my flower punches ( definetly given their size I will have to supplement with bigger flowers but I think I can still use them in conjunction with flowers like this:

(image via marthstewartweddings)

-still waiting to hear back from long do I wait? I get so nervous to seem bridezilla-ish
- also um how gorgeous is this hairpiece from Anthropologie (also in white!)?

even though I already have a fascinator maybe I can buy it and just wear it around on sweatpants Saturdays!