Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Updates!

Sorry for the lack of updates. Its been a pretty eventful couple of days! Saturday was crazy busy all day. Me, my mom and mother in law when to the Camp and took some pictures and measurements. On Sunday I saw a good friend and had a nice time catching up. Also, we went to Michaels, where I was a crazy person scouring the clearance section!

Garland poms! (as you can tell by the piles of fabric circles, I am in the process of making 6 million of these. I think I am going to go get tons more fabric this weekend and maybe vary the size of the circles as well)

I tried my hand at some crepe paper flowers. I need to try to tweak it a little to get exactly what I want. I like the yellow roses the best. I think I need to make a couple more layers.

So I went to Michaels and bought some clear stamps and assembled this to stamp our bibs with! Also, I might do something similar for a sticker with our save the dates ( minus the plate setting). Also I might put the sticker on some wet naps too. Am I getting crazy at this point or is still fun?

Flags! ( also using the clear stamps. those things are great! and this font was on sale! woo!)

and look what I bought! I am so psyched to tie everything together with it :)


  1. Your flower garland is looking PERFECT. I love the colors. I also love the idea of bibs. we are having a BBQ at our reception...perhaps some bibs would be appropriate. Do you mind my asking what your plan is for the bibs? Thanks for sharing all of your awesome ideas!

  2. I think you have some really great things going here! How long did it take you to cut out the circles for the garland? And where did you find all that bakers twine?? WOW!

  3. I am in awe of your DIY skills. And I want all of those fabric pom garlands. Love!

  4. i need a huge thing of bakers twine. where oh where did you get that? love the fabric garland by the by

  5. thanks ladies! I bought the bakers twine from here: They have so many great colors too! They shipped really fast also.

    crystal- I am lookig into buying the disposable bibs in bulk from amazon (just search 'disposable bibs' on amazon and a bunch come up...for some reason I can't copy and paste the link) and stamping them with the intials,date and plate setting stamp then wrapping them with some wet naps and either putting them on people's plates at the reception or sending them with the invites. I am leaning more towards the reception though. Let me know if you want any since they come in boxes of 500 and I only need about 140!

  6. I need like a tutorial for those garland poms. Because they look uber cool.

  7. you can find it here:

  8. With the crepe paper flowers, try gently stretching each petal a bit, with a straight edge or anything a bit sharp but not too sharp (scissors will do too). If you put the straight edge under the petal while stretching, it will curl downward and will certainly improve its appearance. Just be gentle with the stretching, or you might tear the crepe paper though. Hope this idea helps. :-D