Saturday, January 23, 2010

projects so far...

Several episodes of 48 hours investigates,'Teen Mom' and part of 'The Simpsons' movie I have the following to show for myself:

this one is a little messy since it was just a demo one. I am going to cut them into squares (if you can't see with the glare, the stickers are circular) and put them in with the save-the-dates when they get sent out.

Here's some fabric I bought to make more fabric poms and add to this every growing pile:

I bought all these kits on super clearance. I figured they would help me make bouquets.

I bought a pad of patterned paper and have been making these pinwheels from them. I like that the paper is double sided too. As I'm sure you noticed, I am straying from a strict yellow theme and simply using colors/patterns I like. I don't think I have enough for what I want to make so I will just have to keep my eyes out for more.

I also made a handful of these ( I could only make enough to go with the dowels I had bought). Just need to buy some more dowels and make about 100 more!

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  1. All of these are turning out so, so cute. I kinda can't wait to see the entire finished wedding, yay! (and I want those hooray flags for me, just because.)