Thursday, January 21, 2010

Swimming in a sea...

...of fabric flowers!

Yesterday I had an appointment outside of the office and the ladies at work told me just to go home after. So awesome. Also, the doctor I had could not get enough of my stories everyone had heard a thousand times at this point and she kept calling me 'too perfect' and laughing. Really? If you could tip a doctor, she would have made out big time in moola yesterday. Also, they weighed me but due to the fact that I haven't weighed myself since last time I was there (and promptly forgot that amount, other than it was upsetting) so I have no idea if I'm losing weight. I am gauging it thus far on the fact that I can wear smaller pants. So I went to the fabric store and bought several yards of fun fabrics and gabbed with my favorite fabric store ladies about life (i think they love me because they secretly know I am basically an old lady too). Then I got home and I had mail from the hotel (contract with reduced rate) and some craft supplies I ordered. Then I accomplished a bunch of silly stuff, worked out and made fabric garland flowers for a while. All in all a very accomplished day! I also woke up after midnight feeling crazy sick this morning so I had a bad feeling about this day. For some reason, I feel much better about it now.

Its almost Friday people. Things are looking up. I plan on crafting the heck out of this weekend!


  1. Yes they do, I can't get mind to look that good. Did you get good deals on your fabric?

  2. May I ask how you actually make these? Are you using a tutorial? I would love to learn how to make a few! Thanks!

  3. Lookin' GREAT as always. I envy your committment to just sitting down and making BUNCHES of these at once. Try the pointy ones for variation in shape--I ended up loving those ones the best. xo

  4. aw! you girls are too kind.

    Liz-I already miss you!

    Lisa- pretty good deals. A lot of the fabrics were randomn fat quarters I had hanging around the house but yesterday I went and bought a tons of yards for about $30.

    Aah- it is from once wed. the link is here:

    Crystal- thanks for the tip! what I should really do is put the fabric circles at my feet so I have to do crucnhes each time I pick them up. Usually instead I am sitting on the couch, wearing Ry's snuggie and sewing, watching bad tv :)

  5. So awesome. I am so inspired to do these. After I make my headboard. That's right, you read that right, I am DIY-ing my own headboard!

    We shall see how it turns out though I sure am having fun with the staple gun.

  6. how are you cutting your circles?