Tuesday, January 12, 2010

moss is messy aka the rest of weekend projects! (wreaths, ring pillow, boutonneires)

superman's leg looks hella big in this picture but it looks less weird in person. I used mini striped ribbon that I got on sale for $1 a spool!

I made this a while ago but I added the ribbon over the weekend and I like it alot.

here are the wreaths! this weekend I am going to the venue to take pictures and measurements. hopefully these can hang out front! I am also very tempted to add these to it!

crystal- the moss was totally messy! you can't really see it since it is more brown than green but it adds a cool texture up close!


  1. You are just so crafty! I love the little pillow! Did you use a sewing machine? I really need one of those...

  2. CUTE. See, the moss is totally worth the messy. Ha! I love alliteration. The wreaths are awesome.

  3. Yes!!!! You have been hard at work. These all look so good.

  4. thank you ladies!

    Lisa- I did not. I am a sew by hand girl. I have a sewing machine but more often than not I sew by hand :)

  5. So cute! I also love the invite and save the date! I am in awe of your craft, and drawing skills! :)