Sunday, January 10, 2010

procrastinating like its my job

So yesterday I basically succeeded in starting things but not finishing anything. I also went on the hunt for crepe paper (not the rolls the kind that comes in sheets). I would think if Martha has so many projects using this that she would stock it in all the stores she sells her merchandise/kits. But no. I called Michaels and they actually recommended me to go to this party supply place about 10 minutes from our house. I bought an absurd amount (only $1 a package) in a couple different colors so hopefully I can make these:

(image from here)

I will be psyched if they work out since they are so big I won't have to make too too many. What happened with the paper punches you ask? They sort of fizzled out since they are crazy small but I might incorporate some into this centerpieces/bouquets but it might take a million years to construct bouquets using only those.

so I started:

I will post pictures when they are done!

Also, I have been shoe shopping (I guess scouting is a better word since I haven't bought anything; I'm finding it hard to rationalize spending $150 on the shoes I really want). Modcloth has so awesome ones like:

Also aren't I supposed to stop hating working out by now? I still do, I'm dreading doing it right now. I am doing that thing where I am thinking of every possible thing I could do before it in order to put it off, like lug the pieces of my disassembled christmas tree upstairs.

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  1. i love all of those modcloth shoes. (and the vivienne westwood shoes, of course!)