Sunday, January 24, 2010

feeling frenzied

(print available at this etsy shop)

-ordered bibs (check!)
-cut out and stamped remaining flags (check!)
-cut out more fabric circles for poms (check!)
-made some more pinwheels (check!)
-stamped rest of save-the-date stickers (check!)
-began wedding website (project wedding has some cute designs which are free!)

Need to:
-Buy printer ink!
-Finish making pinwheels/buy more patterned paper!
-finish and send save-the-dates! (and buy stamps/envelopes and/or investigate print shop?!)
-find my good scissors/buy new ones
-research financial part/logistical part of honeymooning in Scotland

Quick Questions:
How essential is fancy paper for invites/save the dates?
Can I just use cardstock? Cause I'm totally going to...Also, any help with ideas/tips for printing your own is much appreciated.
Do I send hotel info with save the dates or invites?
Or separately?
Also, am I supposed to figure out car rentals for people too? I'm not driving anything fancy on the big day. Limos could not impress me less. I'm probably driving my sweet ride (2000 ford contour sport,baby)

Side note: somehow I have gotten my second wind with exercising. Bring it on.


  1. You are amazing, can't keep up with your energy and all you are doing. If you need any help, I'm willing! Carly just did the save the dates, a photo through shutterfly and she is including the hotel info in the same envelop (saves postage) I use card stock a lot at work and it works well and even copies well. Good luck and my offer more than stands! Aunt Robin

  2. Robin- thanks for the advice and offer of help! I'm sure you'll be hearing from me when it comes to crunch time :)

  3. I just put our wedding website address on the save the dates... the hotel information is there if people want to get a head start! We're making our own invitations too... I plan on going to Kinkos or Staples and having them printed out on cardstock. Why not? =)

  4. Cardstock is perfect! I'd recommend going with a slightly more quality kind of cardstock, though -- something with a finer, softer grain. It'll probably hold ink from your inkjet printer better. Watch that the one you buy doesn't have a different finish on one side -- if you're only printing on one side, though, this doesn't maatter so much.

    I'm with Brittney, I'd just use the website for hotel info... but if a good portion of your guests aren't web-savvy, you might want to consider sending a sheet of info along with the invite.

    Also: you are totally not expected to figure out car rentals for people. They can do that on their own. :)

  5. thanks ladies! good advice as always :)

  6. I think using cardstock is a fantastic idea! Also, I agree with the other posters about minimizing postage by putting more than one thing in each envelope.