Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh, It is Love

(all images via grey likes weddings) MUCH! Awesome color, great dress (and shoes!!!). Love the candy buffet & flowers. Very very sweet.

Also, we are in talks with our desired wedding photographer! wish us luck!

Friday, May 29, 2009

its friday night, where's my pizza and salad?!

So i found out a couple months ago that we would be getting out of work at 3 on Fridays in the summer. Not until it actually happened did I appreciate how very awesome it truly is. Also, I got some kind of computer virus at work and couldn't really do anything these last couple days. So there are a lot of doodles on my notepad at work with table designs because I am a total dork. Also, I am nervous the virus came from me looking at custom wooden spoons one day. As I head off into the weekend, I am thinking these thoughts:

is it tacky to use all fake flowers at a wedding?

can i ask for wedding supplies, etc as gifts for christmas and my birthday?

what should i put in the appetizer baskets at the table? (I am thinking crackers, mini jams, bread, fruit, cheese, etc)

where do I find cheap mini wooden baskets?

On that note, here are some dreamy images....

(image via green wedding shoes)

Inspiration for my brides ladies and maybe me too for my veil. Also, I bought feathers so I best be using them. I also adore looking at this etsy shop.

(image via design sponge)

I love the watering cans. I think they may have cheap ones at IKEA. I spent a ridiculous time today at work daydreaming about table runners and centerpiece containers (I also love the wooden flower boxes).

(first image via plumparty; second image via mustard and sage)

I am making my own invites but I love both of these if I was not. Also, how great would this paper be as an envelope or as the lining inside an envelope??

(image via oh happy day!)

So pretty! Swoon....

Peace out, I am off to go see 'UP'

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ooh! for that price I could get 2! (kidding but true!)

Maria of Italy's Annual Spring Clearance Sale

For the entire month of June, all in-stock bridal gowns are priced $199-$299! Designers include Maggie Sottero, Casablanca, Anjolique and more!

Make your appointment today by calling (508) 746-7770.

Maria of Italy
68 Court St.
Plymouth, MA 02360

Store Hours:
Tues, Wed, Thur 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Fri & Sat 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

and for some reason since this looked kind of messed up on certain computers you can also view this here

It's Already Thursday! Woo!

(image via

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Holy Mole-y!

Things on my mind:
1- wondering if i should take a break from wedding websites for a while because my mind is flooded with ideas and I am feeling a bit anxious! i need to narrow it down instead of expanding my list of blogs, websites and legal pad scribbled lists. Everytime I check, I seem to stumble upon some part of the wedding I forgot to plan for

2-being stressed about money. note: this is not a wedding thing. i am always stressed about money. i think as a little kid I always assumed by adulthood i would have some kind of cushion of savings so i could do everything adults do. i want a home, not an apartment above people who cook bacon and blast journey and creed all day long. i want kids and land to have a ridiculous herb & veggie garden. and i want a dog.

(image from here and some other blogs too!)
I mean how do people afford these over the top affairs?! It should be about celebrating love and family, not chocolate fountains. I want things to look nice but I want more for it to be a celebration of love that people have a great time at.

3- i really want some ciao bella gelato (like really want...)

4- but after all that, i might need to give in because i just can't get enough....

(image via abbyjean.typepad)
i love the baskets! and me and my sister went peach picking last year at a farm near my house, so we could totally do that again (right, Laura??). we also went blueberry picking because we underestimated the work and overestimated the fun ( i had fun with her, not so much filling a bucket to a line with tiny fruits however I did have enough to make this wonderful desert)

(image via once wed)

(image via all things lovely)
way to turn a rainy day into something adorable!

(all images via maisonbelle)
and yes, I want everything from this site too. They also have cheap milk bottles amongst many other wonderful things.

Also, maybe I'm just hormonally stressed out since I am watching an adoption special right now and sobbing?! oh lordy.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2 steps forward, 3 steps back

Last night, I sat down and was hoping to make a list of top 3 resources for each wedding thing I want, like top 3 places for cupcakes or top 3 prices for cheap baskets. Alas, instead I found more stuff I want. Good for me! I think I may have planned 4 or 5 weddings at this point. For example, today I stumbled upon this website via another wonderful website, Miss Pickles Press's blog (I adore any website that advertises wares 'perfect for your bbq wedding!'). And my goodness, do I want everything (from both these places)!

(first 3 images via miss pickles; next 3 via farmhousewares)

I have to say I think I can make the hanging tins. Those words are my undoing but I constantly find them coming out of my mouth: "I can totally make that myself!!!". That my friends is why I have a list a mile long of wedding crafts.

P.S. I love the idea of wedding s'mores. Also I made a good bbq rub last night and thought that that might be a good favor too. Eek! Someone stop me!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oh I've Been Up to Stuff!

This post is picture heavy so not too much ranting :)

So yesterday I went to AC Moore because I had a coupon and picked up a couple fun things. I bought some craft flowers, silk leaves, ribbon, paper doilies, tuille and I think a couple other things. Then I invested in a big clear rubbermaid tub and moved all my wedding craft pieces into it. So just to show I am actually working on things I posted a couple images of things I have been experimenting with/trying out:

(image from here )

(image from here)

Here are my demo save-the-dates and invites. For the save-the-dates I obviously need to fix the extra line ( and spell invite correctly). For the invites, I need to find pictures of me and Ryan and I'm going to draw our faces into Superman and Louis'. I think I will make it an open card with more info inside and directions.

Here is just some great fabric I bought at JoAnn's. I am going to make it into a ring pillow and I'm not sure what else. But just in case I needed alot, I bought all their fat quarters.

I was just playing around with yellow felt and buttons and some of the fake greenery I bought. I want to make some hair pins for my bridesmaids. I have some bobbypins and mini combs ( I know there is a name for them other than "mini comb" but i'm not sure what it is).

I bought some dowels yesterday too. I was just playing around with different types of flags and light yellow paper. Should I use fabric instead or is paper fine?

These are just some cone ideas for the candy. I was also thinking of making round stickers that say something along the lines of 'fill me with candy!'.

I think these are what I am most proud of so far. These are little boutonneires/corsage ideas I was playing around with. I think they are really sweet though. I am on the look out for an action figure though since I am obsessed with these boutonneires (I really love the Captain America one)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Eating a Fish Burrito was a Bad Idea

Just when I think I've tapped out all the wedding ideas blogs, I stumble upon Hip Hostess! It was excellent use of my time today while I was feeling very hot, sweaty and non productive. Oh and also I ate frozen yogurt for dinner. Good day all in all!

(image via the knot)

how fun of an idea is this?! I'm imaging our venue does not have random haystacks laying around but still it is very cute! If i was crazy ambitious I could always grow my own couch but alas I cannot find the link to the directions from Readymade Magazine. Oh and I'm not crazy

(image via digsdigs)

(image via hip hostess)

what a cute lunchbox idea! I realize I've been posting lots of lunchbox ideas but I've been thinking a lot about what to serve as apps for the wedding. Now who wants to help me make 100 sandwiches? well according to this picture, it is actually only 25 cut into 4 cute shapes each! Also I found a great link for origami boxes!

(image via oh happy day!)

I'm not sure why I am so enchanted by this. I think I just really enjoy the tiny flag! But it is also cool to just be like "hey thanks for coming to my wedding, here's some moss"

(image via Martha Stewart Weddings)

Also, I love this dress from Priscilla of Boston! Hopefully I will be going there soon for an appointment! I also love the dress "summer" at this link. I would post an image but it is a moving picture and everytime I try to select the image to look at it the model turns her back to me, like she is teasing me.

Two final things:

I've seen this diy on a couple different blogs but once I took a closer look it looked less scary to undertake!

Great free fonts!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You're Hot than You're Cold

Things I learned today:

1- no matter how much I want to, I do not like jiffy cake mixes (now their corn muffin mix is a different story...I guess I just really wanted to like a desert that only costs $.69 to make)
2-just because I bought a new sweater for $5 and am excited about it doesn't mean I should wear it to work on a day where its 80 degrees out
3- me and Ryan tell different versions of how we first met (he explained it to me but it still doesn't make me change my version)
4- just entering a contest doesn't mean you will win it (even if you really want to)
5- no matter how much I want to hear a song on the radio, just wanting it and changing the stations over and over will not make it start playing (keep in mind I do have an ipod)
6- i really, really want chinese food

now wedding stuff!

(i read about this couple on smitten & the image is from here)

I am sort of obsessed with this image especially since I want to do superman save the dates and superman invites.

(image via elizabeth ann designs)

I love this idea of a mini picnic lunch. I bet I could get a bunch of take out boxes for cheap at iparty. I almost bought 3 cases of mini jams the other day but couldn't justify why. This could be my why!

(image via ehow)

The wedding is going to be in a wooden lodge and I think that 2 "wedding wreaths" would be great outside. I think the initials would look better with a patterned fabric instead of the lame white though.

um I am so in love with this wedding (someone get me a gelato cart stat!)

also, this wedding...why am I such a sucker for hand-painted wooden wedding signs?!

and this might be a little too diy even for me

They call it etsy love...

I feel a little lame lately that all I keep posting is pictures I like but I guess that is the point of this blog anyways. I think that this weekend (the long weekend! excellent!) I might actually start making some dummy examples of wedding stuff in order to see how time consuming each project I take on is. I also very excited that I will be visiting cousins down south in a couple weeks and hopefully will be able to explore thrift shops down there and pick up an issue of southern weddings magazine! Yes, I am taking to trip to get a magazine that I could easily order offline. Just kidding, love you Nan!

(image via peonies & polaroids)

how wonderful is this ring? But one of the reasons I definitely own very little jewelry ( other than trinkets from Forever 21 or H&M) is that most nice jewelry is pricey. But a girl can dream...

(to see more pictures of this amazing shoot go here)

If I looked that good in a bathing suit, I would love to do a shoot like this too!

(image via bonzie shop on etsy)

I can't tell if I like the bolero or just her haircut and that is influencing me

(image via cupcake social on etsy)

How cute! And only $4 for 60!

(image via craftstylish)

This is love too, I was thinking that it would be cute if you altered it and made it a white picket fence. That reminds me I need to seek out cake stands/make my own too!