Sunday, May 10, 2009

You are a shorty!

That's what my grandma said when talked to her on the phone today to wish her a happy (grand)mother's day today. So yesterday we went to a venue & I love it! I really would like to have it there for several reasons:

1- it is nearby
2- very affordable
3- we have it for the whole day ( 5 hours for reception/ceremony but the whole morning for set up)
4- we have almost all of the location to do fun things like swim, play volleyball, bocci, etc

so on top of all these fun things, there is a great little mini deck overlooking the lake and it would be perfect for the ceremony! and I can decorate all I want (except no nails!) but there are already beams over the hall which are low enough for me to reach easily but not too long to not be able to hang things from. so I'm trying to decide between:

(first image via; second image via

so because things went so well at our first stop, me and ryan decided to go to other wedding vendors but the bbq place was mobbed so we decided it was not the day to ask about catering and one of the cake places I was looking into was closed. I do still have over a year so I think we are good.

also, my other new kick is looking for biodegradable cutlery since the bbq place just has plastic cutlery & paper plates. I feel like this way I could glam it up a bit but still be able just to toss everything. I love the yellow place settings below but I just checked her etsy shop and they are not all there anymore! I really really like the plates.

( first image via ecoware products; second image via skinnylamix etsy shop)

also this is what I ate for dinner last night:

(image via

dream body, here I come!