Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Holy Mole-y!

Things on my mind:
1- wondering if i should take a break from wedding websites for a while because my mind is flooded with ideas and I am feeling a bit anxious! i need to narrow it down instead of expanding my list of blogs, websites and legal pad scribbled lists. Everytime I check, I seem to stumble upon some part of the wedding I forgot to plan for

2-being stressed about money. note: this is not a wedding thing. i am always stressed about money. i think as a little kid I always assumed by adulthood i would have some kind of cushion of savings so i could do everything adults do. i want a home, not an apartment above people who cook bacon and blast journey and creed all day long. i want kids and land to have a ridiculous herb & veggie garden. and i want a dog.

(image from here and some other blogs too!)
I mean how do people afford these over the top affairs?! It should be about celebrating love and family, not chocolate fountains. I want things to look nice but I want more for it to be a celebration of love that people have a great time at.

3- i really want some ciao bella gelato (like really want...)

4- but after all that, i might need to give in because i just can't get enough....

(image via abbyjean.typepad)
i love the baskets! and me and my sister went peach picking last year at a farm near my house, so we could totally do that again (right, Laura??). we also went blueberry picking because we underestimated the work and overestimated the fun ( i had fun with her, not so much filling a bucket to a line with tiny fruits however I did have enough to make this wonderful desert)

(image via once wed)

(image via all things lovely)
way to turn a rainy day into something adorable!

(all images via maisonbelle)
and yes, I want everything from this site too. They also have cheap milk bottles amongst many other wonderful things.

Also, maybe I'm just hormonally stressed out since I am watching an adoption special right now and sobbing?! oh lordy.


  1. I always feel like an anxious wreck about once a month....

    I also know what you mean about getting overwhelmed from too much design inspiration/stimulus. I think it would be a good idea to routinely step back and think about what the real purpose of the wedding is...

    It's food, right?

  2. Also, Lisa, I could KILL you for telling me about Snippet and Ink! I'm not even getting married anytime soon but their colorways are just so perfect. Perfect, damn it.