Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm a sucker for cute packaging

So I was reading JuneBug today and I stumbled upon a post on using baker's twine. I love the idea of using it anyway I can (to hang decorations, hold together flowers, tie together bundles of cutlery, wrap invites & save the dates, etc) and went to search on etsy for some vendors and look at the fun stuff I found!

(wunderkind on etsy)

(weewoodnaturaltoys on etsy)

(myfriendamy via etsy)

I'm really focusing on table decor right now. So I'm pretty sure I know I want the following: gingham table runners (DIY), mason jars filled with flowers (either handmade paper ones or buying succulents/sunflowers/daisies/crespedia or this great idea), wooden cutlery bundled with cloth napkins + possibly bibs on wooden plates and paper cones. I don't think I have even thought a second about drinks. Does anyone object to solo cups? Actually, I was looking into some eco corn based disposable options. Another thing I'm thinking about what to offer as little nibbles in addition to the main bbq dinner. I really like these two ideas:

(image via sweet paul)

(image via snippet & ink)

The cookies are easier and probably cheaper (unless my veggie garden kicks it into high gear) but should I be providing various filling appetizers? Also does anyone even care or notice especially if there is a candy buffet for them to eat from? I need advice since I am the type of person content to eat dry hot cocoa mix with a spoon when there is nothing sweet to eat in the house (this may or may not have happened yesterday...)


  1. I would think that maybe having something more hearty to snack on is a good idea. I've noticed working various events that people get persnickety after not eating for awhile (ie the ceremony) and they want some "real food" to munch on. Along with candy.

  2. Dude, I'd eat anything. Especially if it's cute. I know for a fact that this has gotten me in trouble at the grocery store before. And I was probably with you.