Monday, May 4, 2009


I decided to title this post when I researched where to buy gocco and a site by the this name came up. I figured they should know what they are talking about times 3! Ok so unless my very well thought out savings plan of winning the lottery pans out, I will be making many aspects of the wedding. I feel like I should start slow because a) I will go crazy and b) actually a) pretty much sums it up. After bookmarking 3 zillion things I want on etsy, I decided to figure to where to begin. I think I should start with these:

(image via toocuties shop on etsy)

I need to find some great patterned fabric for a diy photo booth. Then I need to figure out the photo taking situation. Should I buy tons of $$$ polaroid film or find a digital camera with a timer? I also need fun patterned paper to make flags to wave instead of confetti ( because I don't feel like sewing 100 packets full of birdseed to throw and I don't want to make birds explode with rice)

(image via naked peggies shop on etsy)

I want to buy these off etsy ( only 3 bucks! for both!) and make some cake toppers of us even though we won't have cake (if anything a tiny one on top of a tower of cupcakes, if no cake than I will just put them beside the cupcakes, just sitting chilling)

(image from martha stewart collection at walmart)

um...just cause I want it? Think of how great the edges of my paper will look!

(image via dayglowvintage on etsy)

I need this for table runners. This weekend, I will be going to the site where we will hopefully (fingers crossed) be having the ceremony & reception. There I will be a crazy person and measure everything I see. Perhaps I should buy a crazy tape measure for the occasion?

(image via printaddictjapan on etsy)

And lastly, I really really want a gocco ( ahem excuse me gocco!gocco!gocco!). I've heard they are not too hard and they would make making my save the dates and invites much easier. I am kicking myself for not getting it while I was employed at an art supply store in college. So here you go mom & dad, its what I want for my birthday (only 2 months away!)


  1. I love the gingham table runners so much!

  2. Let's not measure the venue this weekend, just in case Obama switches us all over to the metric system before 2010.