Monday, May 4, 2009

Jcrew, quit playing games with my heart

There is no reason I should keep checking the sites out of my price range. However they keep drawing me back in ( and the blogs I read keep posting adorable pictures). I'm keeping my eyes out on etsy for some yellow jewelry which I am looking for the bridesmaids but I still am checking on yellow sundresses too just in case but then I find numbers like this:

(image via nordstrom)

I fell in love but it is almost $400 dollars and sorry, ladies thats a no go. I really really love jcrew's shoes as well. Anyone else have any ideas on where to find cute shoes under $400? (Seriously those snakeskin flats are almost $400, what kind of snake could they possibly be made from? A famous actor snake?)

(all images from jcrew)

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  1. snake eyes! I wish my shoes were made of genuine nicholas cage skin. They would be so durable.