Friday, May 29, 2009

its friday night, where's my pizza and salad?!

So i found out a couple months ago that we would be getting out of work at 3 on Fridays in the summer. Not until it actually happened did I appreciate how very awesome it truly is. Also, I got some kind of computer virus at work and couldn't really do anything these last couple days. So there are a lot of doodles on my notepad at work with table designs because I am a total dork. Also, I am nervous the virus came from me looking at custom wooden spoons one day. As I head off into the weekend, I am thinking these thoughts:

is it tacky to use all fake flowers at a wedding?

can i ask for wedding supplies, etc as gifts for christmas and my birthday?

what should i put in the appetizer baskets at the table? (I am thinking crackers, mini jams, bread, fruit, cheese, etc)

where do I find cheap mini wooden baskets?

On that note, here are some dreamy images....

(image via green wedding shoes)

Inspiration for my brides ladies and maybe me too for my veil. Also, I bought feathers so I best be using them. I also adore looking at this etsy shop.

(image via design sponge)

I love the watering cans. I think they may have cheap ones at IKEA. I spent a ridiculous time today at work daydreaming about table runners and centerpiece containers (I also love the wooden flower boxes).

(first image via plumparty; second image via mustard and sage)

I am making my own invites but I love both of these if I was not. Also, how great would this paper be as an envelope or as the lining inside an envelope??

(image via oh happy day!)

So pretty! Swoon....

Peace out, I am off to go see 'UP'


  1. fake flowers aren't tacky at all! (okay, some are.) but paper flowers can be super classy, especially if they're like that pretty paper rosette a few posts newer than this one. do you mind if i blogroll you? i'm boring as hell, but your blog is purty. :)

  2. of course! go for it! thanks for your input, i really appreciate all the help i can get :)