Thursday, May 21, 2009

Eating a Fish Burrito was a Bad Idea

Just when I think I've tapped out all the wedding ideas blogs, I stumble upon Hip Hostess! It was excellent use of my time today while I was feeling very hot, sweaty and non productive. Oh and also I ate frozen yogurt for dinner. Good day all in all!

(image via the knot)

how fun of an idea is this?! I'm imaging our venue does not have random haystacks laying around but still it is very cute! If i was crazy ambitious I could always grow my own couch but alas I cannot find the link to the directions from Readymade Magazine. Oh and I'm not crazy

(image via digsdigs)

(image via hip hostess)

what a cute lunchbox idea! I realize I've been posting lots of lunchbox ideas but I've been thinking a lot about what to serve as apps for the wedding. Now who wants to help me make 100 sandwiches? well according to this picture, it is actually only 25 cut into 4 cute shapes each! Also I found a great link for origami boxes!

(image via oh happy day!)

I'm not sure why I am so enchanted by this. I think I just really enjoy the tiny flag! But it is also cool to just be like "hey thanks for coming to my wedding, here's some moss"

(image via Martha Stewart Weddings)

Also, I love this dress from Priscilla of Boston! Hopefully I will be going there soon for an appointment! I also love the dress "summer" at this link. I would post an image but it is a moving picture and everytime I try to select the image to look at it the model turns her back to me, like she is teasing me.

Two final things:

I've seen this diy on a couple different blogs but once I took a closer look it looked less scary to undertake!

Great free fonts!

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