Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You + Me = Us

Today I started the number crunch in my head with actual numbers. The caretaker at the venue this weekend said their tables fit eight and if there are approx 108 guests thats about....

14 tables +14 centerpieces + 14 table runners (possibly 16 for buffet tables) + 110 place settings (110 sets of cutlery, plates, napkins & desert plates...do cupcakes need plates??) + 108 flags (to wave as we walk down the aisle) + 108 paper cones + enough candy to fill 108 paper cones (and enough vases/bowls/containers for said candy) + enough food to feed 110 people + enough drinks for 110 people + 2 maids of honors + 2 groomspeople (1 man + 1 lady) + 110 cupcakes + enough lanterns/pom poms/garland/assorted decor to fill a hall & decorate a deck & decorate as much of the campground as I can reasonably decorate + enough flowers for 3 bouquets (bride + bridesmaids (groomslady too?) + 3 corsages + 2 boutonneires + 1 ring bearer + 1 officiant + 2 rings + 1 veil + 1 dress ( 2 bridesmaid dresses?) + 1 pair of shoes + several assorted bridesmaids gifts + assorted groomsman/groom gifts + 108 invites + 108 save the dates + 1 ipod mix + 1 1st dance + 1 father/daughter dance + 1 mother/son dance + 1 hair appointment + 1 rehearsal dinner + 1 bride + 1 groom + something old + something new + something borrowed + something blue =
august 15, 2010

So all math aside, today I was very excited while looking through my millions of wedding blogs to discover this diy and this makes me fall hard for paper flowers again.

(image via annaspots on etsy)

I'm sorry but how cute would this be for a centerpiece at a sweethearts table? eek! I also found this great site with adorable dresses and they were all under $100! excellent! But I was very bummed to see this wonderful dress from my buddy, fred flare is sold out! what the?! C'mon fred flare, I thought you were cool!

(dress from fred flare)

and these are a couple I love from lulu's. Not so crazy about the black belt though, maybe I could make my own sash & cover it?

(both dresses from lulu.com)


  1. that dress with the black waist band is beautiful. I love the ruffles and the length.

    x Gabrielle

  2. ohhhh i LOVE LOVE LOVE that last yellow dress with the roses on the neckline... would that be for your bridesmaids?

  3. yes! thanks for the feedback ladies :)

  4. I love all of these dresses! We could easily make a sash to cover up the black!

  5. p.s. I forgot to add that the middle one is my favorite!

  6. here is the link to it: http://www.lulus.com/products/Honeysuckle+Ruffle+Dress/12121.html