Wednesday, May 20, 2009

They call it etsy love...

I feel a little lame lately that all I keep posting is pictures I like but I guess that is the point of this blog anyways. I think that this weekend (the long weekend! excellent!) I might actually start making some dummy examples of wedding stuff in order to see how time consuming each project I take on is. I also very excited that I will be visiting cousins down south in a couple weeks and hopefully will be able to explore thrift shops down there and pick up an issue of southern weddings magazine! Yes, I am taking to trip to get a magazine that I could easily order offline. Just kidding, love you Nan!

(image via peonies & polaroids)

how wonderful is this ring? But one of the reasons I definitely own very little jewelry ( other than trinkets from Forever 21 or H&M) is that most nice jewelry is pricey. But a girl can dream...

(to see more pictures of this amazing shoot go here)

If I looked that good in a bathing suit, I would love to do a shoot like this too!

(image via bonzie shop on etsy)

I can't tell if I like the bolero or just her haircut and that is influencing me

(image via cupcake social on etsy)

How cute! And only $4 for 60!

(image via craftstylish)

This is love too, I was thinking that it would be cute if you altered it and made it a white picket fence. That reminds me I need to seek out cake stands/make my own too!

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