Wednesday, September 30, 2009


(via etsy of can buy the print here)

Well we are officially living at the new house! We still have to make trips back and forth to move more things and dump/recycle more things but we are here and I know how to get to my work. I am very happy/excited! (I will be more so when we are unpacked but that's what a 3 day Columbus weekend is for). Also, I feel old because my back is sore from moving.

In terms of wedding stuff, I have to go pick up my dress this weekend. Is that weird? I thought they kept it for you to do alterations and such? Also they were like 'you have a week to pick it up'. Excuse me, I have paid in full, what are you going to do toss it if I don't?? I will of course but seriously.

Also, I feel like I have to get my act in gear. To do:

1- figure out/deposit for catering
2- book cupcake place
3- really work on save the dates
4- make the guest list officially done (time for cuts, adjustments, add-ons)
5-order my etsy stuff
6- take measurements at venue with liz ( then craft like crazy)

Wish me luck :)


How beautiful is this bride???

Her dress is so awesome

Making me rethink rocking a side pony to the wedding.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ga ga for garland

I am currently obsessively watching over a bunch of my favorites at etsy hoping no one will buy them. I want to purchase them all as soon as I have some cash. I will post about them once I have finished the sale ( hint: they are corsage/boutonniere related...also some christmas stuff is in their too but thats besides the point)

There is something so wonderful and simple and real about this wedding over at design sponge. The cake topper is making me crazy I love it so much. Also, now I want to eat some peaches.

I love every part of this woodsy table setting but the acorn/leave garland is making my heart skip a beat. Do you think they used a paper punch for the shapes or stencils? A paper punch would make it a breeze.

(image via ritzy bee)

If I was doing table numbers/settings I think this would be great for the different tables:

(image via oh joy)

2 links!

Love the ears

The paper garland makes this for me

Monday, September 28, 2009

monday madness

Sorry for the lack of posting all I can say is that things are going a little like this:

(image from

We've been so wrapped up in moving no wedding stuff is getting done. Well I guess one thing that happened is there was a sit down involving working out the guest list between family and it is almost totally figured out. In conjunction with disposing of an old fridge, tv and printers this weekend, I hope to make a trip here. Don't their cupcakes look amazing? I am hoping to buy a couple different kinds and hopefully they will work out as our baker. As you can see, when I like something I just go for it. I would rather than process through eight million vendors. I like to simplify the process or I think I would be too stressed out. Also this amazing dress is on sale at Anthropologie. How great would it be as a bridesmaid dress????

Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Friday!

(image via cup of jo)

Do you ever feel like sometimes you've reached the end of the internet?

Like there is nothing left you possibly want to look at. I feel that way lately. Like I have exhausted all search engines, websites. Probably time for a break or time to cut myself off (I know I've said it before). So I think this weekend I am going to attempt to assemble a 'greatest hits' of all the wedding stuff I looked at and try to finalize some ideas for what I want. Well that and do some crazy packing!

What are you up to this weekend?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

wasting time on google images is the best medicine

So I am feeling better. Nothing like a 'true life' marathon and serious couch time and soup. Alright, now I need your help. Which centerpiece idea do you like better?


(image via design sponge)



(image from here)

I am leaning towards a. Maybe with some daisies in mason jars on either end as well?

Also: shout out to Liz, my faithful blog commenter

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

saving the best for 3-D

Since we are still waiting for the catering/ photographer details, I have nothing new to add. I am excited to be moving to a city where bakeries are more plentiful so I will drive around looking for cupcake ideas soon. Also, I went onto the knot and went through their checklist checking off either a) things I am not doing or b) things accomplished and according to them I am right on track. Good to know. Until anything new is accomplished, here are more things I like!

(both images via brooklyn bride)

How great are 3-d invites?? Too cool. Love the ring pic too.

(image via snippet and ink)

Love the pictures on the bunting! Garland remains the one and true aspect of decorating the wedding that I have managed to keep this whole time.


Awesome wedding ( You may recognize the bride from her blog)

Not sure if I posted about this or not yet, but I love it!!!

Another wedding that I would love to just repeat. Maybe minus the mustaches, only because it seems they are everywhere these days. Am I the only one over them? Gorgeous wedding nonetheless!!!

Such a clever invite idea!!!

Sniff Sniff

(image via le love)

I am home sick today. But on the plus side I am in an excellent mood because:

1- i got to sleep in after i called work
2- i am starting to feel better
3- i ate some homemade applesauce for breakfast
4- the future husband brought me egg drop soup ( he is so awesome!)

As much as the wedding scares and overwhelms me at times, I am so excited to marry him

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Girl Crush

(image from here)

Anyone else want to see pictures from her wedding as much as I do? I bet it was crazy rad.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh, how I wish I was still sleeping....

(image via you are my fave)

sorry I've been MIA! Busy weekend packing, seeing friends. In good news, the apartment is looking emptier/more boxed up. In other good news, there is a great thai place near the house! Also, Ry is meeting with the caterer soon! Also, I spend way too much time on martha stewart living crafts! Look at these! (fun crafty, camp-y wedding stuff!)

One last thing: How sweet is this??? They are hand-drawn!

(image via i-diy)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Friday!

(image via le love)

I could not be more excited that today is Friday. What are you up to this weekend?

I am:
*visiting my sister at college

Have a great one!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My List Grows Longer...

Sorry I don't have anything very new to report. I am making a lit and determined to begin checking things off but making the list is all I've accomplished. I am known to make lists with things like 'wake up' and 'shower' so I can atleast check a couple things off right away. But seriously, I will get started soon as Project Wedding keeps reminding me, I have under a year. Eek!

(image via snippet and ink)

I love how simple and clean this is. And it looks like I could find most of the stuff outside! Well except the glasses. And I'd probably need help cutting a tree into pieces. So I guess, just the ferns I could handle solo. Maybe the rocks too.

(image from apartment therapy)

I've posted about these before but this my favorite I've seen. Thank you, Liz! I plan on going to a couple thrift/antique places this weekend in between packing. Maybe I can pick some cute plates?

And finally, If I could ever just copy and paste a wedding and make it my own, it might be this one. I love the invites, the style. I love the wooden signs. I love wooden branch arch with mini flags. Sigh. Speaking of, who wants to help me make this?

(image via once wed)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

online shopping is bad for my health

This is one of those weeks where I wake up everyday and cannot believe it is not Friday yet. Needless to say, I did call back the dress store yesterday and talked to 2 very nice people and set a fitting appointment for December. Glad to check one more thing off the list.

I have been spending entirely too much time on etsy. Setting up a favorites was extra dangerous. So here are some things I want/corresponding goals:

1.) find fabric!

(image via fabricsupplyshop on etsy)

(image via freshsqueezedfabric on etsy)

(image via momentintime's etsy shop)

probably smarter to find fabric at Jo-Anns since I need a lot of one print and etsy mostly has random 1 yard pieces but it doesn't stop me from looking!

2.) find inspiration for bridesmaid gifts! (no hints ladies!)
3.) find inspiration for other related family/helper friends gifts!
**question: how crazy do gifts have to be? Can they be little? I feel like I recall people getting super nice gifts at my cousin's wedding.
4.) find inspiration for wedding bands! (I think I like simple)
5.) find inspiration for headpieces! ( like this!)

(image via portobello's etsy shop)

While I do not want one, I can, at times like this, see why people hire people to do the whole thing for them.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tummy-ache Tuesday

Couple things:

1- today is one of those days I never wanted to get out of the shower
2- i thought i lost my ring, turns out i was wearing it
3- my skin has been acting up and apparently yearning for my tennage years
4- is it friday yet?

Also,I feel kind of bad that I may or may not have been a little pissy when I called up the place I bought my dress last night to confirm the date/time of my first fitting. I could have sworn when I bought the dress that they had sad sometime in October. Now I am concerned that that was just when my dress was coming in?? I don't know. I'm conused and am going to call again today. I guess I was just annoyed that our convo went a little like this:

me: " hi i'm just calling to confirm the time and date of my first fitting
them: "so you don't remember?"
me: "no sorry"
them: "so you don't know when it is?"

I'm sorry but I can't deal with conversations like this. I was already stressed sensing I had something wrong and she was asking me the same thing over and over. Did she want me to say "Oh wait I do know I have no idea why I called!". Also, last night I had another moment where I felt like I should have more wedding stuff finalized at this time. More down payments made, more things secured, more things in progress.

Also, I think I want to chop most of my hair off. I was growing it long to style but you know what, I think I'd rather have a cute short haircut I can maybe curl on the day off then have to deal with my long hair so it can be fancy on the day of. Thoughts??

Some images from yesterday's blog exploring:

(image via oh joy!)

So I think it would be a great gift for out of town guests if I made totes with a map. I don't know if I'm supposed to do a map of where I live or the town the wedding will be??? Regardless, I bet I could get a map off mapquest, google maps, etc simplify it and print it on iron on paper. Then I cold stuff it with random things from nearby.

(image via ritzy bee via brides cafe)

Although I already have my own agenda for bouts and corsages, I love these. If I didn't I'd be all over them.


I really need to step it up and make this

Also this table is really great

Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday, Monday

Alright friends let me level with you, no crafting was done this weekend. But I did make some mini pies! All in all a good weekend. Since I have no actual updates here are some of the ideas I've been bookmarking:

(image via project wedding)

I love this table. It looks so effortless and classy to me.

(image via hostess with the mostess)

I love the gingham menus. Although the more I like things the more I realize how I want to pare down my original expectations of this wedding. I am also considering how wedding seem to really work and trying to take out things that will stress me out and no one will notice. Example, menus. I might just do a big chalkboard one near the food and/or maybe mini chalkboards in front of the items.

(all images via green wedding shoes)

All of the images from this wedding were super gorgeous. Her dress, the details, the flowers.

I love this table from bird and banner's blog. Something about those white heart shaped balloons really makes me smile. I am also a sucker for table numbers but don't think I'm going to assign seats. Is that okay?

Also, I started packing so I don't know how many crafts I will be up to until we are moved into our new house. But when we move I am going to have my own craft room and that makes me so excited I might throw up!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm too full to think of a title

(image via what junebug loves)

First: congrats to Miss Catherine for tying the knot today! I wish her all the best and hope she has an awesome day! I'm sure it will be gorgeous too with all the crafts she has been making!

Link-y Love:

I really want to make these for outside decor where we will be getting married. Wouldn't they make a great frame for an altar?

I think I want to make these tomorrow!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Friday!

(image via once wed)

I feel like this week flew by! Its nice to have a week like that. And I have fun weekend plans! They might even involve pie pops!

Also, in exciting news: we are moving...into a house!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thank Goodness its Thursday

(image via 100 layer cake)

Because that is what I feel like doing since it is Thursday already! I love it.

And because I spent some serious time on Project Wedding/assorted blogs yesterday here are some good links:

Love this table. So bright and vibrant and adorable!

Love the lights, flowers and cupcake ring shot.

After seeing this, who wants to make these right now? Me! ( ps maybe I will during this crafty weekend I will be having)

Nice flowers, even though thinking about bouquets makes me anxious

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I need to cool it on the googling

I apologize for both my growing insanity related to wedding ideas and for the fact that the last couple posts have been just a collection of things I like hobbled together by words such as ''how great is this" and "so awesome" and many exclamations and questions marks. I have been googling things like 'rustic wedding', 'camp wedding', 'outdoor wedding' and 'acorn wedding', even 'squirrel wedding' thinking I would find cute vintage squirrel figures incorporated into a tablescape rather than the obvious result of this. But I did find some great stuff along the way...

(image via plum party)
to be used as napkin rings??

(image via vintage indie & the etsy shop is here)
What would I do with these you ask? No idea but I love them.

(image from here)
How great are these? I can see them in boutonnieres (I'm sure you're thinking, exactly how many things are you squishing into one boutonniere and by the time you're finished everyone will be wearing one). I can see them used in decorating the tables. I can see buying them to hoard with all the other craft items I buy because I want them and then put then in a box.

And also just because I'm drooling over them:

(both from jcrew)

Am I alone in thinking $80 is not a sale price? $7 is usually a good sale price for me. Heck, maybe I would even shell out $40 for these adorable clutches but I don't think I can do higher. On standards alone!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More etsy crushes

Last (but not least, and not really the last) of my etsy loves:

(visit the shop here)

Great painting. Girl scouts rule! I started geeking out after this and looking up fun vintage girl scout images like old handbooks. How cool would it be to incorporate old camping handbook drawings into this somehow???

(visit the shop here)

This my friends is a giant sticker. How great is that? I'm not sure our venue would be big fans of me leaving sticker residue/ tearing paint off their walls though. But it would be super cool in lieu of a wall of fabric to take pictures with.

Also, big congrats to my friend Amy! She just got married and judging by the couple of pictures I saw, it looked like a beautiful happy ceremony, full of love!!!!!!!!!! ( and she wore a wonderful colorful dress!)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Etsy Finds!

So I've been looking for camp inspiration for the wedding and here are some great etsy shops I found:

(visit gollybards' shop here)

How amazing would these be as a fabric? I adore this print.

(visit urbanposture's shop here)

That would be a great guestbook.

(visit darlingclementine's shop here)

I would love to send guests home with 'write home' stationary. Probably not within the budget but cool to think about nonetheless.

(visit leannegraeff's etsy shop here)

Wouldn't these be great placemats??

(visit den-10's shop here)

How fun is this print???? I love the retro style of it.

(visit ashleyg's etsy shop here)

I love her style. The prints are all rad but there was something about this one that I liked the best.