Saturday, September 5, 2009

Long weekends are my fave

Today I helped move my little sis (and maid of honor) into her dorm room. Sniff, sniff. I am so happy for her! She is the coolest.

No new wedding news other than a good friend wants to craft with me next weekend and hopefully she can assist me in the veil making and more!

Now I am off to make a birthday gift for my best friend. I also may have some exciting news but I am not spilling the beans yet!


This is how much fun I want people to have at my wedding!


This makes me feel better about my less than stellar exercise routine

Love the clutch

Very cool wedding, very cool couple

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  1. It was so wonderful to see you and Ryan this weekend. Thank you so much for my super awesome gift!!! I can't wait to picnic it up as much as possible! I will be forcing Dave to have a picnic with me in a foot of snow soon..

    What is the exciting news?!