Wednesday, September 23, 2009

saving the best for 3-D

Since we are still waiting for the catering/ photographer details, I have nothing new to add. I am excited to be moving to a city where bakeries are more plentiful so I will drive around looking for cupcake ideas soon. Also, I went onto the knot and went through their checklist checking off either a) things I am not doing or b) things accomplished and according to them I am right on track. Good to know. Until anything new is accomplished, here are more things I like!

(both images via brooklyn bride)

How great are 3-d invites?? Too cool. Love the ring pic too.

(image via snippet and ink)

Love the pictures on the bunting! Garland remains the one and true aspect of decorating the wedding that I have managed to keep this whole time.


Awesome wedding ( You may recognize the bride from her blog)

Not sure if I posted about this or not yet, but I love it!!!

Another wedding that I would love to just repeat. Maybe minus the mustaches, only because it seems they are everywhere these days. Am I the only one over them? Gorgeous wedding nonetheless!!!

Such a clever invite idea!!!

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  1. I love the colors in both of the weddings that you linked to.

    I'm kinda over mustache accessories. The only mustache that I'm not over is the one on my boyfriend's face! Although it suits him. He's such a mad scientist/train conductor.