Thursday, September 17, 2009

My List Grows Longer...

Sorry I don't have anything very new to report. I am making a lit and determined to begin checking things off but making the list is all I've accomplished. I am known to make lists with things like 'wake up' and 'shower' so I can atleast check a couple things off right away. But seriously, I will get started soon as Project Wedding keeps reminding me, I have under a year. Eek!

(image via snippet and ink)

I love how simple and clean this is. And it looks like I could find most of the stuff outside! Well except the glasses. And I'd probably need help cutting a tree into pieces. So I guess, just the ferns I could handle solo. Maybe the rocks too.

(image from apartment therapy)

I've posted about these before but this my favorite I've seen. Thank you, Liz! I plan on going to a couple thrift/antique places this weekend in between packing. Maybe I can pick some cute plates?

And finally, If I could ever just copy and paste a wedding and make it my own, it might be this one. I love the invites, the style. I love the wooden signs. I love wooden branch arch with mini flags. Sigh. Speaking of, who wants to help me make this?

(image via once wed)


  1. 1-2-3. I love everything in this post.

  2. p.s. Did you notice the date of their wedding?