Monday, September 28, 2009

monday madness

Sorry for the lack of posting all I can say is that things are going a little like this:

(image from

We've been so wrapped up in moving no wedding stuff is getting done. Well I guess one thing that happened is there was a sit down involving working out the guest list between family and it is almost totally figured out. In conjunction with disposing of an old fridge, tv and printers this weekend, I hope to make a trip here. Don't their cupcakes look amazing? I am hoping to buy a couple different kinds and hopefully they will work out as our baker. As you can see, when I like something I just go for it. I would rather than process through eight million vendors. I like to simplify the process or I think I would be too stressed out. Also this amazing dress is on sale at Anthropologie. How great would it be as a bridesmaid dress????


  1. Isn't moving a pain? We've been doing the same. :P

  2. its crazy! I love packing and un-packing. Its just the lifting and shuttling back and forth that is wearing me down.

    good luck with your move!