Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Is it Fall already?

It sure feels like it out. Even though I am having a summer wedding, my favorite season has to be fall. I am a sucker for crisp weather, falling leaves, apple, picking and anything pumpkin flavored. This also goes to any home fragrance/candle that has some kind of fall accent. Even though I knew today was September 1st, I thought today was Wednesday. Ew, that is the worst! Yesterday I did very little other than work but I managed to find a couple cool things online ( ha ha I am such an overachiever that I can always make time to go online and find wedding stuff):

(both images via lovelylittlethings)

How insanely awesome are these save the dates? Especially for someone as obsessed with food and cooking as me! Great, great idea. I love the outside lettering too and that they are on kraft paper.

(image via the knot)

I looove this idea! And I have some off white lace! Yeessss!!!! Now I just need my ladies here to measure their heads.

And some good links:

Yellow wedding

Even though I already bought my dress, how gorgeous is the top right white gown in this inspiration board?

Bestey Johnson bridesmaids with brass knuckle rings

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