Thursday, September 3, 2009

I've Officially Gone Crazy

Something came over me today. And that something was s'mores.

Is that silly? I was really thinking about something camp-related since we are having the ceremony & reception at a campground. Is the s'mores thing too overdone though? And do I even care if it is? Also, I have a feeling this may be cheaper than making paper cones, buying apothecary jars, and buying gross amounts of candy ( gross as a measure of weight and probably also the amount of candy i will secretly be eating while assembling the candy bar). Also, I saw a s'more made with a yellow peep which would be match my color scheme. Excellant!

Being crazy, packaging is something I go gaga over. So I need help deciding what style if this is something I decide I want to do.

(image via stampingwithlisa)


(image via miss pickles press)

This is also great. Similar to the candy buffet idea but I am beginning to think that the last thing people want to do at a wedding is wait in line to assemble a bag of goods.

(image via bridal party tees)

And my favorite picture of them all:

(image via Kellan Studios)


  1. I think individual packages will be easier in the long run. You can make then ahead of time.

  2. i agree. what packaging style do you like better? the attached tag or the selaed bag with a tag at the top??