Sunday, September 6, 2009

Etsy Finds!

So I've been looking for camp inspiration for the wedding and here are some great etsy shops I found:

(visit gollybards' shop here)

How amazing would these be as a fabric? I adore this print.

(visit urbanposture's shop here)

That would be a great guestbook.

(visit darlingclementine's shop here)

I would love to send guests home with 'write home' stationary. Probably not within the budget but cool to think about nonetheless.

(visit leannegraeff's etsy shop here)

Wouldn't these be great placemats??

(visit den-10's shop here)

How fun is this print???? I love the retro style of it.

(visit ashleyg's etsy shop here)

I love her style. The prints are all rad but there was something about this one that I liked the best.

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