Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tummy-ache Tuesday

Couple things:

1- today is one of those days I never wanted to get out of the shower
2- i thought i lost my ring, turns out i was wearing it
3- my skin has been acting up and apparently yearning for my tennage years
4- is it friday yet?

Also,I feel kind of bad that I may or may not have been a little pissy when I called up the place I bought my dress last night to confirm the date/time of my first fitting. I could have sworn when I bought the dress that they had sad sometime in October. Now I am concerned that that was just when my dress was coming in?? I don't know. I'm conused and am going to call again today. I guess I was just annoyed that our convo went a little like this:

me: " hi i'm just calling to confirm the time and date of my first fitting
them: "so you don't remember?"
me: "no sorry"
them: "so you don't know when it is?"

I'm sorry but I can't deal with conversations like this. I was already stressed sensing I had something wrong and she was asking me the same thing over and over. Did she want me to say "Oh wait I do know I have no idea why I called!". Also, last night I had another moment where I felt like I should have more wedding stuff finalized at this time. More down payments made, more things secured, more things in progress.

Also, I think I want to chop most of my hair off. I was growing it long to style but you know what, I think I'd rather have a cute short haircut I can maybe curl on the day off then have to deal with my long hair so it can be fancy on the day of. Thoughts??

Some images from yesterday's blog exploring:

(image via oh joy!)

So I think it would be a great gift for out of town guests if I made totes with a map. I don't know if I'm supposed to do a map of where I live or the town the wedding will be??? Regardless, I bet I could get a map off mapquest, google maps, etc simplify it and print it on iron on paper. Then I cold stuff it with random things from nearby.

(image via ritzy bee via brides cafe)

Although I already have my own agenda for bouts and corsages, I love these. If I didn't I'd be all over them.


I really need to step it up and make this

Also this table is really great

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  1. You have a whole year of hair growing ahead of you. You could cut it now and then let it grow for the next year!