Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thrilla Thursday

Alright here are some wonderful things I've stumbled upon lately:

1. How beautiful is this picture??? Click here for the rest of the gorgeous wedding.

2. I love this idea of making recipes as favors and the wine tags are great too. Also, click here to find an awesome diy blueberry jam tutorial. I originally thought I might be this ambitious for a favor gift but now I'm thinking maybe I would do this just a gift for another occasion. I just have this horrible image of slaving over making jam and having no one even open them when they leave the wedding. I can live with that thought if I make it as a christmas/birthday gift better for some reason.

(images via oh so beautiful paper)

3. what???? how awesome is an ice cream bar for your wedding????? I would love it but do not know who would want to man it or how to keep it from melting on a summer day in August.

(both images via i-diy)

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