Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I need to cool it on the googling

I apologize for both my growing insanity related to wedding ideas and for the fact that the last couple posts have been just a collection of things I like hobbled together by words such as ''how great is this" and "so awesome" and many exclamations and questions marks. I have been googling things like 'rustic wedding', 'camp wedding', 'outdoor wedding' and 'acorn wedding', even 'squirrel wedding' thinking I would find cute vintage squirrel figures incorporated into a tablescape rather than the obvious result of this. But I did find some great stuff along the way...

(image via plum party)
to be used as napkin rings??

(image via vintage indie & the etsy shop is here)
What would I do with these you ask? No idea but I love them.

(image from here)
How great are these? I can see them in boutonnieres (I'm sure you're thinking, exactly how many things are you squishing into one boutonniere and by the time you're finished everyone will be wearing one). I can see them used in decorating the tables. I can see buying them to hoard with all the other craft items I buy because I want them and then put then in a box.

And also just because I'm drooling over them:

(both from jcrew)

Am I alone in thinking $80 is not a sale price? $7 is usually a good sale price for me. Heck, maybe I would even shell out $40 for these adorable clutches but I don't think I can do higher. On standards alone!!


  1. Everything in this post is super cute!

  2. ha ha yay! you need to come help me assemble things, my dear! just wait until i have my own craft room.....

  3. Where did you find the mushroom photo? Im really trying to make mushroom boutonnieres now for my wedding! I just cant seem to find mushrooms that are of that size with bendable bottoms. If you remember where you saw these please let me know! Thank you!

  4. spudgirl- sorry it took me so long to get back to you! go here: