Wednesday, September 30, 2009


(via etsy of can buy the print here)

Well we are officially living at the new house! We still have to make trips back and forth to move more things and dump/recycle more things but we are here and I know how to get to my work. I am very happy/excited! (I will be more so when we are unpacked but that's what a 3 day Columbus weekend is for). Also, I feel old because my back is sore from moving.

In terms of wedding stuff, I have to go pick up my dress this weekend. Is that weird? I thought they kept it for you to do alterations and such? Also they were like 'you have a week to pick it up'. Excuse me, I have paid in full, what are you going to do toss it if I don't?? I will of course but seriously.

Also, I feel like I have to get my act in gear. To do:

1- figure out/deposit for catering
2- book cupcake place
3- really work on save the dates
4- make the guest list officially done (time for cuts, adjustments, add-ons)
5-order my etsy stuff
6- take measurements at venue with liz ( then craft like crazy)

Wish me luck :)


How beautiful is this bride???

Her dress is so awesome

Making me rethink rocking a side pony to the wedding.

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